Hey guys!

To put it pretty straight forward here we released a new rank for you all to purchase with a ton of awesome new perks!

You can see the rank here: http://shop.skyblocky.com/category/848359

Perks here:

  • [Koala] prefix in chat.*
  • [Koala] forum rank.*
  • [Koala] TeamSpeak rank.*
  • [Koala] Discord rank.*
  • Global broadcast saying you supported the server.
  • An exclusive forum [Koala] avatar frame.*
  • The ability to access premium TeamSpeak channels.
  • The ability to /shout every 15minutes.
  • 10% more SkyShards and In-Game money from jobs.
  • The ability to use colored signs.
  • An announcement whenever you join the server.
  • Access to creating a new CUSTOM title every 7days, FOREVER. You get a gkit ingame.
  • The ability to /fly in hub.
  • Access to /kit swag which comes with a 72 hour cooldown.
  • Access to a new /gkit (Sweg) which comes with a 72 hour cooldown.
  • Direct contact to the owner in a discord group chat.
  • Access to a Koala to Owner forum thread where Serayne92 will respond to anything you post.
  • Ability to suggest new content whenever you want with a high possibility of it being added.
  • Highest Priority support tickets on the forums meaning you will get first priority responses from Admins and the support team.

Kit Contents:

  • /kit koala* – Protection 5, Unbreaking 5 – Full Diamond.
  • /kit swag* – 128x Arrows, x22 Golden Apples, x5 Lava Bucket, x32 Dark Prismarine, x32 Prismarine Block, x32 Prismarine Brick, x12 Sea Lantern, x64 Granite, x6 Emerald Block, x10 Coal Block, x8 Diamond Block, x64 Quartz Block, x32 Packed Ice, x64 Cracked Stone Brick, x64 Mossy Stone Brick, x16 Enderpearl

The rank without sale is for $400, but with our current 65% off sale it's pretty cheap and worth it!

Kindest Regards,
Skyblocky Administration

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