Hey guys!

Today, I'm going to be telling you a bit of information about our Build Contest that we currently have going. Seeing as we just released Creative, it's best to give you guys a bit of insight on what we have plans for and what we want from you guys for Creative.

So, the contest will be a one week long running competition for those who want to participate. For winning this contest you'll have your creative spawn placed right where everyone spawns with your name above it for building. We do have a few rules in place to keep this friendly, so lets go through them shall we?

– No explicit buildings
– No racist or offensive builds
– No stolen buildings/schematica or Printed buildings

Access this server via /server creative

Also, we'd love to see what you guys think of the server, so please let us know here on this thread. Any ways you want to improve your creative experience, just let us know by creating a suggestion as well. Those are always appreciated!

Kindest Regards

Skyblocky Admin Team

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