Skyblocky Updates

Hey there!

I'm here to gladly announce that a lot of updates will be coming to our beautiful network! We're working really hard to get Skyblocky the necessary updates that it needs to become the greatest Skyblock network in the WORLD!


To do this we need all of your help, we need all of you guys to suggest what you want to see added on Serpent and Temple!
We want to work on creating a better experience on the current servers we have, we don't want to bombard you guys with crazy new server ideas. We have over 2 months of work already planned for our wonderful developer @Nayuta to work on.


We want you guys to be more interactive, so what we're doing is every day, we will pick one lucky winner to get a shout out on our twitter. To get this shout out all you have to do is tweet at @SkyblockySocial and use the #SkyblockySelfie and post a selfie of you in the game with some cool feature behind you or with a lot of friends, simply be creative! Admin items and Tier 30 Spawners will be given to the winners!

Staff Application

We've been changing up the staff system a lot. We want you guys to apply and make sure to follow the staff application guide to join our team and make sure that Skyblocky is safe for everyone! We want to make sure that everyone is qualified for this job, so make sure that you tell us as many details as possible about you!


Reporting a Player/Staff

We've been receiving a lot of false ban reports, due to that fact, we decided to address the community about it. We want you all to understand, that we cannot accept reports without sufficient proof. We can't check the logs for every single mistake a player has done. We want you all to understand that you need legitimate proof to get a player banned if someone scammed you, you will need evidence of this. If someone "griefed" your island, you will need video proof. You have to understand where we are coming from, anyone can lie and say that another player has this item and they stole it, we have no way of verifying that. You are allowed to send screenshots to staff members about players spamming, flooding, or any other mutable offense. For a bannable offense, you will need video proof. If you want to report a staff member, make sure that you have enough proof and start a conversation with an admin/manager, if you would like to report an admin contact a manager. If you would like to report a manager, get a lot of proof and report it to the man himself @Serayne92.


Purchase Helps

We have been looking into the issues with buycraft and we have been fixing all of them, but due to a lot of purchases not being given to players we are left with purchase helps, like hundreds of other networks. Because of this, we urge you to seek out for help and contact us, so we can resolve your issue, but asking a staff member that doesn't have the ability to help you, will get you nowhere. That is why we urge you to make a purchase help, staff members don't tell you to make it, so they don't have to deal with you, they do so because they cannot assist you with that. We check purchase helps every day. We reply to every purchase help within 48 hours. Everything should be running a lot more smoothly with them. If you purchased a rank on YayMC or networks before that, you will not be able to make a rank upgrade, that is why you can report it and create a purchase help, and let us know and we will fix it for you.

Making a Ban Appeal

When you create a ban appeal, make sure that you follow the template. We also want you guys to know that we have a list of people that are not allowed to be unbanned if you are apart of this list making a ban appeal will not help. You are not allowed to make a ban appeal to get unmuted if you were wrongly muted please contact an admin and report the staff member that false muted you.

Media Application

If you have a channel with over 500 subscribers or any type of social media with over 500 followers and you would enjoy making great content on Skyblocky make sure to apply to become a part of the media team on our wonderful network. A special guide will be announced very soon!


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