Staff Application Guide and Requirements

  • You need Skype and discord, with a working microphone.
  • You need to be able to record and take screenshots in good quality.
  • 30 days of activity on the forums. (Isn't mandatory. We will ignore this requirement if the rest of your application is good enough to our liking.)
  • Your in-game account, your forums account need to be synced. Use /syncaccount in-game (currently broken, not necessary)
  • Try and make your application as detailed as possible.
  • You can't have any punishments in the last 30 days. (Bans or mutes)
  • You need to wait 15 days with re-applying after being denied.
  • Do not plagiarize your application. You will be instantly denied and you wont be allowed to apply for staff again for 6 months. (We will find out if you do copy your application from someone else).
  • Be honest in your application
  • Do not talk to any staff members, on or off the team, about your application unless you have an actual question about it. Asking staff to review / read it is an instant denial.
Frequently asked questions
- Q: What happens after I post an application? How long does it take to get a response?
- A: Your application will be viewed by a member of our application team as soon as possible. You will only get a reply from us if you have been accepted. It can take up to 2 weeks for us to look at your application. After this time, it has probably been denied.
- Q: I have been banned/muted before, will that hurt my chances of getting Trial?
- A: This will lower your chances of ever getting a position on our...
Hey guys,

Merge is happening RIGHT NOW! Make sure you connect with the CandyCraft.org IP.
The servers will be up and playable but there will be some features that won't be done until Monday. We expect a few bugs here and there so please let us know if something is not quite working properly! The global ranks and permissions will be 100% perfect come Monday. Hopefully you guys are as excited as I am! Enjoy : )

Hi everyone!

I hope you're all at least half as excited as we are about the upcoming merge, no less the upcoming revamps and additions we're planning to bring you all! :)
Since we're all oh so excited, I thought it'd be a great idea to give a time to be excited for:
By this time, you can expect the following functionalities to be available:
  • Merged and upgraded global ranks
  • Legacy servers
  • Revamped Skyblock, Factions, and Creative
As Prison is one of the most complex and delicate game types, we will be immediately porting CraftedWild's current Prison to CandyCraft in time for the merge, but will be revamping the same Prison to be true to CandyCraft's style after the merge has happened. This means that there will be slight gameplay and balance issues on Prison that we normally would not allow on a CandyCraft server. On behalf of the CandyCraft team, I apologize and understand that this may be an inconvenience to others, rest assured, the wait will be worth your time.
Hey guys, I'm here today to talk about the future of Skyblocky, Craftedwild and Candycraft. The problems im facing and what I've decided to do about these problems. I know many of you may not like it or just not agree with it but it is what it is and this is what is going to happen. I promise you that I will be as generous as possible with this and try my best to make sure that you do in fact like it. Anyways, here we go.

I am making the decision to merge Skyblocky & Craftedwild into CandyCraft.org.
I know some of you may not like this, but there are pretty good reasons as to why I'm making this decision, of which I will list below:
  • It is extremely expensive to advertise 3 different networks, I mean super expensive. Much more cost efficient to just merge all these networks into the best themed one and advertise it from there.
  • Managing and developing 3 different networks is a complete pain in the butt and I'm just not with it.
  • I really want a kid friendly network with no swearing and no trolling or bullying. This new network will be that.
  • The quality of the content on CandyCraft will sky rocket as well as how often we'll be doing updates. The new development team will consist of 5 different people and it will be a much more organized and well done experience.
We will be wiping CandyCraft as it stands and adding the Craftedwild Prison to it as well as a brand new fresh Skyblock server that everybody will like and a Factions server.

As for donor ranks, I've thought long and hard about this and I've decided the best thing I can do about this is as follows:
  • Everybody will merge into their corresponding dollar value rank on CandyCraft.
  • I am also going to upgrade everybody UP one rank for FREE because I love all of you so much.
  • If you do not have a donor rank you will gain the first donor rank free of charge!
  • If you are already top donor rank you will be able to make a post on the forums and get a $25 voucher.

Greetings all! As you can see from the title of this announcement, there is a new update live on the Skyblock server on CandyCraft for everyone to enjoy! I will outline some of the new and cool features that our wonderful developer has added for us.

Mob Stacking

As many will have noticed, there were some temporary lag issues that were stopping players from enjoying the server as much as the staff here would like everyone to, and part of the reason was that of how many spawners were there and how many mobs they were generating! For this, there is now a stack of mobs that spawn as one mob with a name above its head to show you how many there are!



Shards are another new exciting addition to the server, with it being a new currency to CandyCraft. This new currency will be explained below, in the new updates and they are very exciting.



Jobs are the way to get shards. Currently, there are 6 jobs but as we progress as a server we will be adding jobs depending on what the server will enjoy! The jobs are, Farmer, Miner, Woodchuck, Fisherman, Excavator, and Hunter. By doing the jobs you will receive the shards which after this will explain what they are used for!


Upgradeable Spawners

This is a very exciting revelation in CandyCraft skyblock. The ability to upgrade your spawners! Using the shards you have from jobs, you can make your mobs spawn quicker and in bigger...
Greetings Everyone!

I'm sure as you are all aware, our good man @Redmancometh is back with us which obviously means more updates are about to release for our beautiful network. In fact, today on the 17th of May 2017 we did a lot of work and managed to get through a lot of the problems within the network along with the release of our brand new rank "SugarLord"

Firstly, before I mention about the Network Updates lets get through the update regarding the new rank shall we?
  • Prefix: [SugarLord]
  • /warp SugarLord (Prison) - Each block sells for $430,000. That's $40,000 more than CandyKing!
  • SugarLord has a 1.8x Sell Multiplier in Prison.
  • Ability to use the omnitool on Skyblock (Yes, we added an omnitool)
  • Higher Protection on both Skyblock & Prison with better items!
Now the brand new rank is out and mentioned, lets move on to the updates!
We have introduced the following commands to our network!​
  • /marry - Marry a player of your choice, not gender specific either!
  • /divorce - Divorce your spouse, this won't take any of their belongings.. just their heart.
  • /mm - Send a marriage message to your spouse.
  • /seen - Check your join ID and when someone was last online/or if they are online and where.
  • /ping - The ability to view your ping and other players pings whilst playing. You can judge your opponent in PvP with this as well.
  • /blocks - This is a command available on Skyblock only and will convert 9 ingots into 1 block for you as long as you have the necessary materials.
  • /ignore - Ability to ignore certain players, this will stop their messages from being seen on your clientside however they can still see your messages.
  • /unignore - Ability to remove players from your ignore list.
  • Added...
Hey guys some of you may know me, and some of you may not. My name is Redmancometh, and I've worked for several of Serayne's servers (skyblocky, arkham) where you may have seen me. I worked for Candy Craft briefly a long time ago. I made the OP survival games with the enchant tables and furnaces.

Starting today we will be pushing out quite a few updates for CandyCraft. At first it will primarily be fixes, and then we will be moving on to new content. It's taken a little while to take stock of the codebase, and familiarize myself with the environment on a technical level.

I just wanted to introduce myself, and tell you guys you can expect good things soon! We've had a bit of instability with our development team, and I'm here to correct it. Let's build some content together, and let's have some fun. Don't forget about the suggestion forums, as we will be monitoring them very heavily in the coming weeks!
Good evening everyone!

I have exciting news for you all, today is the day we're back on Social Media!

Yes, that's correct, we are finally back and ready to tweet our candy hearts out. You can connect with us via Twitter here:

I have a few questions to answer before ending off this post as well, first one being the most important.. We are still on the same IP address. You can connect with mc.candycraft.org
And to just make sure you are all aware, we are 1.8 > 1.10. If you are having problems connecting, please contact an admin or a staff member in-game.

Kindest Regards, Jaii

Greetings CandyCrafters!

Along with the much-anticipated release of Candy Prison (view more information here) I am excited to announce our very first competition on CC 2.0. Similar to previous competitions this one will be a building competition. However this time around the rewards will be much sweeter, we are looking for talented builders to decorate the plot world spawn on Candy Prison if you haven’t noticed already we have claimed the 16 plots surrounding /plots. These will be reserved for competition winners and talented builders.

In celebration CandyCraft reopening we want to see your sweetest most delicious builds. Showcase your building skills by creating something in the prison plot world with a candy theme, be creative with how you incorporate this into your builds. Submissions will close on May 15th at 10:00 pm GMT Good luck!

Server: Prison
Theme: Candy
Closing Date: May 10th 2017
Prizes: top 3 will each get one of the sixteen spawn plots

Submit your entries in the comments section using this format:

Plot ID:
Pictures: (multiple pictures encouraged)

Plot ID: 0;1
Good evening everyone!

Due to the recent return of CandyCraft, we have decided to reset all servers besides Creative and we have revamped a few things within prison, this thread shall clear everything up for you before the opening of our very own Candy Prison!

~~~~~ Changes ~~~~~
Removed "Candy Money Balls"
[P/R] Prestige/MineRank - Example: Prestige 4 / mine plumtrees would be [4/PlumTrees]
Changed the way to get Particles, soon to be announced.
Changed the "PlayerVaults" to "CandyVaults"
Changed how many gems you can withdraw at once - Being 1,000,000 now instead of 100,000.
Changed all pet names - Example: Wolfiea to Dexter.
Finders Keepers & Candy Explosion kits now give 5,000 gems instead of 10,000 each.
Crates now have new rewards.
Removed the "Lucky Slime Blocks"
Changed the "Common Bomb Kit" to "Candy Bomb Kit"
Changed the "Uncommon Bomb Kit" to "Spare Bomb Kit"
Changed the "Rare Bomb Kit" to "Nuke Bomb Kit"

~~~~~ Bug Fixes ~~~~~
Unlimited Health Mobs - Now limited health.
iWin Bomb not giving money - Now gives money.
Added an alias for /gemshop - Usage: /gem
Having to relog per prestige - No longer have to relog per prestige.

~~~~~ Additions...