Good evening everyone!

I have exciting news for you all, today is the day we're back on Social Media!

Yes, that's correct, we are finally back and ready to tweet our candy hearts out. You can connect with us via Twitter here:

I have a few questions to answer before ending off this post as well, first one being the most important.. We are still on the same IP address. You can connect with mc.candycraft.org
And to just make sure you are all aware, we are 1.8 > 1.10. If you are having problems connecting, please contact an admin or a staff member in-game.

Kindest Regards, Jaii

Greetings CandyCrafters!

Along with the much-anticipated release of Candy Prison (view more information here) I am excited to announce our very first competition on CC 2.0. Similar to previous competitions this one will be a building competition. However this time around the rewards will be much sweeter, we are looking for talented builders to decorate the plot world spawn on Candy Prison if you haven’t noticed already we have claimed the 16 plots surrounding /plots. These will be reserved for competition winners and talented builders.

In celebration CandyCraft reopening we want to see your sweetest most delicious builds. Showcase your building skills by creating something in the prison plot world with a candy theme, be creative with how you incorporate this into your builds. Submissions will close on May 15th at 10:00 pm GMT Good luck!

Server: Prison
Theme: Candy
Closing Date: May 10th 2017
Prizes: top 3 will each get one of the sixteen spawn plots

Submit your entries in the comments section using this format:

Plot ID:
Pictures: (multiple pictures encouraged)

Plot ID: 0;1
Good evening everyone!

Due to the recent return of CandyCraft, we have decided to reset all servers besides Creative and we have revamped a few things within prison, this thread shall clear everything up for you before the opening of our very own Candy Prison!

~~~~~ Changes ~~~~~
Removed "Candy Money Balls"
[P/R] Prestige/MineRank - Example: Prestige 4 / mine plumtrees would be [4/PlumTrees]
Changed the way to get Particles, soon to be announced.
Changed the "PlayerVaults" to "CandyVaults"
Changed how many gems you can withdraw at once - Being 1,000,000 now instead of 100,000.
Changed all pet names - Example: Wolfiea to Dexter.
Finders Keepers & Candy Explosion kits now give 5,000 gems instead of 10,000 each.
Crates now have new rewards.
Removed the "Lucky Slime Blocks"
Changed the "Common Bomb Kit" to "Candy Bomb Kit"
Changed the "Uncommon Bomb Kit" to "Spare Bomb Kit"
Changed the "Rare Bomb Kit" to "Nuke Bomb Kit"

~~~~~ Bug Fixes ~~~~~
Unlimited Health Mobs - Now limited health.
iWin Bomb not giving money - Now gives money.
Added an alias for /gemshop - Usage: /gem
Having to relog per prestige - No longer have to relog per prestige.

~~~~~ Additions...

Welcome back everyone! We are officially up and running, but a lot to explain!

Good evening fellow CandyCraft players!

I’d like to introduce myself, I’m Jaii. Most of you will know me from CandyCraft 1.0 and I’ll be taking the role here as Community Manager. Previously we have had attempts with Managers that didn’t really know what they were doing nor very qualified for the position. I’ve worked alongside Serayne92 now for the past 8 months whilst CandyCraft was down and away and I’ve learnt a lot and I’m very proud to be in this position where I am today, to bring back this community that I love and cherish. Anyhow, let’s get into some details!

Welcome back to CandyCraft, yes that is correct we are back! Now, there is a lot to cover within this post and a lot of you are going to be quite confused. But, lets hope we can bring this thread up and cover most of the confusion.

So, for starters we’re bringing everyone their ranks back. Yes, you will have every donator rank that you previously purchased here on CandyCraft. I’ll also be removing some of the kits and old pets to revamp it with better ones. Alongside that, for the newer players we are starting with a 25% off sale for our comeback, there is no end date planned for this so I highly suggest you purchase your ranks and consumables as soon as possible. Besides that, if you don't have your rank when you login just PM me or another admin and we'll get to fixing that for you as soon as possible.

Secondly, our goal is to return CandyCraft to the way it was. We want to keep the feel of the server as similar to the original as possible. Keeping the Prison the same and the Skyblock the same. However do not think we don't have big plans to improve the quality of the server, because we have weekly plans to improve your gameplay and experience with us. However, we have made some small alterations to the...
Happy Easter everyone! Hope everyone is having an amazing time with family, or here on the server playing with friends! On CandyCraft we will be having a lot of fun stuff going on this Easter weekend.

We are going to have a real fun Easter egg hunt with clues to help you find the eggs, so take some time and find some eggs, the payout is amazing with items, titles, and more!
At random times playing on the server, there will be an announcement letting you know and egg has spawned, then the clues will come in! There will be 10 eggs server wide so the payout will be great!

The web store will be having a 50% OFF sale and some limited edition titles and kits, so get on that!

Event and sale will go live at 1:00 a.m. EST, Easter Morning.

Other events also to come!
OP Survival Games
Hey everyone! Matt here again, to announce another addition to the current Survival Games collection! This new game-mode is OP Survival Games, it's super fun as you have more power then the original Survival Games, but still have the lucky blocks to enjoy.

What's New?
  • Furnaces will randomly spawn on the map, when right clicked these will upgrade the tier of your weapon/armor.
  • Enchantment tables will randomly spawn on the map, when right clicked these will give you a random enchantment.
  • Significantly higher spawn rates of good items in chests.
  • Twice as many chests randomly spawn on the map.
  • Twice as many lucky blocks randomly spawn on the map.
  • Double Jump - get higher clearance, get away from your opponents in style.
  • Faster walk/run speed - because, why not?
Like any new game-mode release, it won't be perfect right away. This is why we need your help to report any bugs or even suggestions here on the forums. Have fun playing! :)
Enjoy playing with Minecraft 1.9!
Hello everyone, Matt here. Earlier today CandyCraft was down for a bit, this is because we were updating the server, the server is now compatible with Minecraft 1.8 and 1.9 meaning you could use either version. Minecraft 1.9 has a lot of new updates to add more fun to PvP, which may be implemented into the server in the future. Enjoy!
CandyCraft DubTrack!

I'm really excited to announce this!

Come share your music and listen to other peoples music while you play on the server together!

How it works:
1. Join the dubtrack room
2. Put the songs you want played eventually in the queue.
3. Sit back and enjoy the music!
(it's really simple and fun)

To join click here or copy/paste this link:
CandyCraft Survival Games with Lucky Blocks!

Are you ready for this? A brand new way to get out that killing hunger you have inside of you?
Well, I'm happy to introduce a new game mode to the CandyCraft
server! You are gonna love it! "Well, what do I do in this new game mode?", you might ask, it's really fun,
allow me to briefly explain:

You will fight for your lives in a game of survival. As you do so you will encounter these Lucky Blocks (sponges) that you will break and receive various helpful items like food, weapons, armor, and utilities such as ingots, sticks, planks, traps, tnt, etc..
While you fight for your survival you will receive points for killingother players and winning games,...
Well.... Hello There!

Hello cavity-seeking candy lovers! I'm Matthew (Matt), the new community manger, here on the CandyCraft server. I am here to take over for Brian, and make your experience here in this community better then ever!

I'm here to take care of you all and assist you in the best way possible while you have the time of your lives playing on this sweet server (pun intended). If you need help with anything from purchase helps, to bug reports, you name it, I'll be there to help!

I'll be managing the community to make sure everyone and everything gets along nicely without any issues. My priority as the new community manager is to make sure that the staff and myself are being as helpful as possible assisting members here in the CandyCraft community.

So.. Hello everyone! Can't wait to see you in-game and say hi!