Prestige Competition [Prison2]

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Evergreen, Jan 4, 2018.

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  1. Hello!

    Here's a fun event for you all, on the new server, Prison2.

    From now to February 1st, we'll have an ongoing competition.

    The player with the top Prestige by the end of the allotted time will win a $100 Candycraft store gift-card!
    This gift-card can be used as many times as you want until the balance runs out, for any item in the store!

    Entry is also extremely easy; all you need to do is play and prestige! Though we'd appreciate if you tell your friends to join in too.

    How do you Prestige?
    Simply mine and /rankup to the "Z" mine. Then, /prestige to get to the next level and start all over again!

    Check the top prestige using /leaderboard and clicking the "Prestige" option. Your current prestige level is listed next to your name in chat: [3/B] means that you are Prestige 3 and currently mining in the "B" mine.

    Make sure to spread the word; the more players competing the more fun it'll be!

    Good Luck!
    - Evergreen
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  2. Well thats just stupid the highest prestiged person is always gonna be someone with the top rank
  3. Welp, I've lost, I'm already got like 5000 minutes less than a lot of people xD
  4. I think this competition is great but the problem is that it is not fair it literally means only players with high ranks can join.

    Although we know that @Pyrotechnic will win
  5. pyro is banned
  6. I am making a prediction. Pyro or joker will win.
  7. Good luck
  8. No he’s back.
  9. ik and so i am
  10. Yes yes very good luck to everybody.

    You'll need it.
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  11. Smh get banned please.
  12. Smh get good please.
  13. Make it a top 3
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  14. We should totally have a comp for blocks broken too!
  15. Yes yes. Good fellow pyro.
  16. Just good luck. Nice competition
  17. I agree with @RipJawzz make it a top 3 so
    1st gets 100$
    2nd gets 75$
    3rd gets 50$
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