Prison Revamp!

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    I’m excited to announce to you all the newest game-mode revamp:
    The Prison Revamp!


    DECEMBER 31st, 2017
    2 PM EST - 7 PM GMT

    **Unfortunately, due to timing, there will be no publicly open beta testing. However, if any problems arise, message me immediately and they will be fixed.**

    No one will lose ANY of their current stuff. Everything will be put into a legacy server.


    The Prison economy has been completely re-designed to last much longer, as well as to have the perfect balance of challenge without becoming too hard.
    I'm really excited about this new economy, and I hope you guys will enjoy it as well.

    CookieMonster has been designed to have some great perks. Other ranked perks were re-done as well, to match with the economic system.

    We’ve also got an entirely new feature, player plots. This will replace the somewhat giltchy housing plugin which we had previously. Plot commands are easy; it will be the same concept as claiming plots in Creative.

    Lastly, we've got a highly requested item - a new PvP rank!

    Godly [1000 Kills]

    /kit godly (14 day cooldown)
    - Godly Sword: Sharpness 12, Fire Aspect 10, Unbreaking 10
    - Godly Bow: Power 12, Unbreaking 10, Flame 10

    /kit godlyonce
    - 400 E-Tokens

    We'll be trying to update features weekly, maybe even bi-weekly. Don't worry though, Skyblock will not be ignored!


    Kind Regards, and hope you enjoy.
    - Evergreen

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  2. FIRST! This looks really good!
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  3. nice gonna tryhard again as always
  4. Looks nice!
  5. Pretty hype. Saw some stuff and it's gonna be awesome
  6. I wanna play.
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  7. Relatable.
  8. Can you shorten my ban by 1 day so I can play.
  9. Appeal it.
  10. @TotalledZebra and I are going to no life this Prisons! Its going to be sick!!
  11. I see
  12. I just hope there's a player base...
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  13. This looks great! Can't wait to play it! :)
  14. This looks amazing. So excited to play it! :)
  15. I'm the player base.
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  16. I- "PvP rank" PK rank*/Player Kill rank*
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  17. I'm looking forward to this!
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