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  1. Hello!

    We all want to be as fair as possible to both the staff and players of Candycraft.
    So I'm inviting you all to fill out a survey stating your opinion of each and every staff member (and administration+ too!)

    This survey is anonymous, so don't worry; you wouldn't ever be punished for your opinion.
    However, make sure to be honest.

    The purpose of this is to help improve the staff team.

    How does the survey work?

    This survey is on Google Forms to try and make it as simple as possible.

    Here is a link to the survey:

    Fill out a response for each staff member on the team. Go from section to section and then click submit, and your opinion will be registered!

    Kind Regards,
    - Evergreen
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  2. LargeLad is no longer apart of staff team but is still on the form.
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  3. Removed, thanks.
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  4. Going to be funny seeing the results lmao
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  5. Cool idea
  6. A few people I think are not ready to be helpers I put in the thing! Mostly all the others including Amir and 24N are so amazing and I think ready for Mod!
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  7. Thanks:)
  8. This thing was amazing to fill out. A lot of "no opinion" for the people I haven't really interacted with. I also put a lot of other random things ^w^
  9. +1 If you know de wae
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  10. The survey is supposed to be anonymous so staff members can take all feedback equally and not biasedly. This comment wasn't really needed.
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  11. Good idea that this is anonymous :)
  12. Where am I though?
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  13. Your not staff so your not going to be on the survey...
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  14. Pyro is always staff
  15. That's where you're wrong.
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  16. Amir isnt staff anymore.

    This is where you are wrong like pyro stated he is staff still he is the super hidden staff that people dont know about...
  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Same
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