Factions 1.0 Release Megathread

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  1. Hey there !!

    Today we’re here to announce everything that Faction 1.0 will have!!

    We’ve always surprised you guys day after day with new amazing features!! Well today we’re here to amazing once more <spoiler> Don’t worry we have so much more surprises coming for you, yes you! <spoiler>

    Let’s start off, shall we.

    Faction Top Rewards:

    For the top three winners of this crazy season of factions will be giving some cool rewards. All of these prizes you can either opt-in and out of for either PayPal or Store Credit. If you happen to win, you can choose either one of the following:

    First place will receive 500$ PayPal or double this in Store Credit.
    Second place will receive 250$ or double this in Store Credit.
    Third place will receive 100$ or double this in Store Credit.

    Everyone else that is on the first page of /f top will receive 25$ store reward

    Only leaders of the faction will receive the rewards.

    Spawner Tiers:
    Upgrade your spawners! Make sure that you maximize all your resources by getting higher tiers, this will help you get an advantage over other factions!

    The most requested feature for factions is being added, just like our beloved community wanted!
    Crazy Buckets that instantly build your walls???
    For all you lazy faction players out there come and get your walls instantly built !!

    Custom Enchants:
    Yes we will be adding custom enchants!! Don’t worry, you won’t die instantly! We made sure that custom enchants were balanced. People won’t be able to just run out and smack you with one hit. As long as you’re wearing some sexy armor, you’ll be A-OK.

    Run out to the wilderness and grab yourself some amazing crates!! Spawning every 30 minutes!! You’ll be seeing 3 of them!! Make sure you keep your eye in chat, before someone snatchs from you!

    Hate someone? Don’t feel like roasting them? Well express your hatred towards them, by putting a bounty on them! Yess! Make sure that everyone is looking for that player and ready to kill them for their bounty!

    Dueling System:
    Always wanted to pvp someone but never had the chance because they had overpowered armor or because people kept teaming up on you! Well show your strength by dueling them with a couple custom kits created by our administrative team!

    Mob Security:
    Ever wanted to get yourself some aids? Well it’s pretty simple all you have to do is unlock the ability to get some body guards! They’ll follow you around to make sure no one takes you down!

    They’ll protect you and your faction!

    Boss Mobs:
    Mob Bosses are ready to take you and your whole team down! But can you handle it and fight back? If you can then get one and kill it, if you can kill then expect to be rewarded by the gods!

    Command Potions:
    Tired of brewing potions? Like who has time for that? You just want to go pvp, but then you have to take a pit stop for some potions! We got you guys with some cool ability! Simply /<effect> and get it! Yes we just simplified your life!!

    Want to help your factions out? Need some crazy boosters? Get yourself some cool boosters for you and your factions!! Potion boosters! McMMo boosters! Xp boosters!

    Flat End:
    We will be giving you guys a crazy end world! A flat one forget about the void! EndStone? Nope. SandStone sounds better!

    That’s not all you should expect, but that’s a lot of it! Hope we didn’t blow your mind!

    We hope seeing you all, on the 26th February at 5 pm est (http://prntscr.com/ecqgec)
  2. Yay can't wait #Hype
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    So excited. Factions is meh thing. :D
  4. Mob Arena is a favourite of mine.
  5. Serayne what is the point of the leader just getting the money? he could just kick his whole crew and scam everyone if they win but everything else looks pretty good ;)
  6. Sounds amazing! Cant wait :D
  7. So excited. Can't wait for the release c;

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    The instantly building walls is stupid and takes away a very big part of factions. It lets noobs make good bases and make them really fast.

    Bases are supposed to take a LARGE team to make it over a good amount of time. Building bases is an essential part of factions.
  9. Gen Buckets don't "instantly" generate walls. Or at least the ones I have experience with.

    Gen buckets combine lava and water in one specific bucket to eliminate the need for actual lava and water. The cobblestone flows down and makes a wall. One bucket equals 1 block flow. You need multiple buckets to make one wall.

    The good part about gen buckets is it practically eliminates lag from when you're generating walls as the lava and water isn't combining. It's already done using NPC tags.
  10. I'm really hype for this, keep up the good work :)
  11. #HYPE!

    I love the GenBucket feature, the Mob Bosses and the Mob Security! So awesome! I can tell this will be a very custom experience for all of us! Can't waiiiiit!
  12. Will there be fly for certain ranks? (such as koala)? Will all players be able to afk? Curious but excited asf
  13. I believe MVP+ and higher have /fly, I am not sure about the afk rules.
  14. Still makes it way easier than it should be lmao
    You're excited for GenBuckets because you are bad at factions and can't build walls.
  15. Just because you're unhappy with the way things are turning out does not mean you can take it out on other players.

    Please chill. If you're going to be rude, leave