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  1. @Owlgracie
    Rank: Koala
    Current Faction (Only if you have one):
    None :(
    Why you want to join Hedwig:
    I want to join Hedwig because every time I try to join a factions server, I always get hated for not having a rank. I also want to join Hedwig because I would love to meet more people and enjoy factions.
    Explain what Hedwig means (Just for the lols):
    Honestly, I don't know xD
    -Base Building
    -Finding Raids
    -Decent at cannoning (I have a schematic for a 100 stacker and 40 stacker)
    -Constantly Online
    -I can protect the base
    -Forgeting to /sethome at a raid
    - Building Cannons