Skyblocky & Craftedwild Merging into CandyCraft.

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  1. Hey guys, I'm here today to talk about the future of Skyblocky, Craftedwild and Candycraft. The problems im facing and what I've decided to do about these problems. I know many of you may not like it or just not agree with it but it is what it is and this is what is going to happen. I promise you that I will be as generous as possible with this and try my best to make sure that you do in fact like it. Anyways, here we go.

    I am making the decision to merge Skyblocky & Craftedwild into
    I know some of you may not like this, but there are pretty good reasons as to why I'm making this decision, of which I will list below:
    • It is extremely expensive to advertise 3 different networks, I mean super expensive. Much more cost efficient to just merge all these networks into the best themed one and advertise it from there.
    • Managing and developing 3 different networks is a complete pain in the butt and I'm just not with it.
    • I really want a kid friendly network with no swearing and no trolling or bullying. This new network will be that.
    • The quality of the content on CandyCraft will sky rocket as well as how often we'll be doing updates. The new development team will consist of 5 different people and it will be a much more organized and well done experience.
    We will be wiping CandyCraft as it stands and adding the Craftedwild Prison to it as well as a brand new fresh Skyblock server that everybody will like and a Factions server.

    As for donor ranks, I've thought long and hard about this and I've decided the best thing I can do about this is as follows:
    • Everybody will merge into their corresponding dollar value rank on CandyCraft.
    • I am also going to upgrade everybody UP one rank for FREE because I love all of you so much.
    • If you do not have a donor rank you will gain the first donor rank free of charge!
    • If you are already top donor rank you will be able to make a post on the forums and get a $25 voucher.
    As for existing servers on Skyblocky and Craftedwild this is what I will be doing with them:
    • All Skyblocky servers will be added to a "Skyblocky Legacy" section in the hub selector and you will retain ALL of your stuff that's existing as well as all the previous old donor ranks.
    • CraftedWild servers will be deleted.
    • CandyCraft servers will be added to a "CandyCraft Legacy" section in the hub selector and will retain ALL of your stuff that was existing before the merge.
    As for the new servers releasing on CandyCraft this is what will happen:
    • We will release with Factions, Prison & Skyblock.
    • Everything will be candy themed from here on out and will require a texture pack to see the candy theme.
    • This Candy texture pack will automatically download when you get on the server.
    • You can turn this texture pack off if you desire to in your game options.

    I have high hopes for this new network and I'm extremely excited to get to work on making this happen. I appreciate and love all of you and I am here to answer any questions you may have.

    Deadline for all of this to happen is 7/14/2017. THIS FRIDAY!

    Thank you!
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  2. Looking forward to this update. :)
  3. my name is jeff
  4. okay, lol.
  5. Oooooh, can't wait :D
  6. Sounds great! Looking foward to the new update :)
  7. Cool, just waiting on that rank upgrade ;)
    But for real it sounds great and goodluck.
    I will keep playing no matter what!
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    Can't wait. :p

    Do we keep our gkits?
  9. Thank god this is happening, as I couldn't see skyblocky surviving with what it's future had ahead.
  10. Looks great! Cannot wait for this :p
  11. Yeah, It was hard trying to come up with a solution to this. And I could basically only do two things which were either spending tons of money on advertisement and development for the current Skyblocky which would of course be a waste due to the fact that a single game mode just doesn't do as well as a hub network or merge it into something else.

    I figured this was the best course of action. Things will improve quite a lot when it's all on CandyCraft.
  12. Cant wait to cancel all my plans for the day and have it delayed like last time ;-D
  13. True that bro.
  14. So... No swearing then..? Well poop..
  15. Also, what about gkits, skysell and all the other items we purchased?
  16. They will still be there on the legacy network.
  17. But not on the merged network?