Skyblocky & Craftedwild Merging into CandyCraft.

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  1. In other words: hi, we're staff, and we like to ban players bc we dislike them and we're gonna keep them banned, even if we don't have proof behind the reason of us disliking them
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  2. Your rank will be transferred.
  3. Not talking about the rank, i'm talking about the $200 I spent on Desert. (IGs)
  4. Since Desert is already removed, yes, RIP $200.
  5. Also, I can't join Skyblocky... What's the IP?
  6. The IP is currently If you can not join, download SquidHQ.
  7. What's SquidHQ?
  8. "SquidHQ is your standard Minecraft launcher with just one minor change. It allows you to join any Minecraft server, regardless of its state with Mojang’s blacklisting decisions."
  9. Sorry, I was eating a creamy doughnut called "Creamy Dream" Let me finish it.
  10. Will the factions ftop reward of this map be paid out?
  11. Has the merge happened yet??
  12. No, there were almost no players this season which means there was no competition at all.
  13. Give this guy a medal he is not bullpoopting arround and telling the truth