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    An easy tutorial discussing how to sync your forums account to discord. Please note that you must have a forums account synced with your Minecraft account using /syncaccount to successfully sync to your discord. Also it does not make a difference if you have downloaded the app or not.

    1/ Log onto your current Discord account and view the "#general" chat.
    2/ At the top of the page, there's a clickable text with the wording "PLEASE SYNC YOUR FORUMS ACCOUNT" with a link beside it.
    3/ Click the link which will redirect you to the forums titled "External Accounts". If your account is not synced there should be a blue box labelled "Associate with Discord".
    4/ Click the blue box which will bring you back to Discord. Depending on your preferences, tick the boxes which your comfortable with Skyblocky having access to. Once done click the box labelled "Authorise".
    5/ You will be automatically be redirected to a forums page titled "Sign up with Discord". Your Minecraft username should appear, type your forums password under it and click "Associate Account".
    6/ You should now be brought to the Skyblocky Forums and your Discord should be synced. :)
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  2. Thanks for this guide
  3. Nice guide Cheetah :D

    I need to sync my account to discord again. :p
  4. Thank you!
  5. Quite Helpful :)
  6. I don't mean to be negative but this isn't really helpful... I mean like I did this for the first time today and it was super easy. I didn't need a guide. It is a self-explanatory process.
  7. Honestly this is really helpful I think this thread should be locked a pinned at the top so people can use it.
    And who is the community manager?
  8. The community manager is MadeYou.
  9. how do I do it on Skype if possible
  10. You can only do this for Discord, not Skype.
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