Rank Multipliers!

Hey guys, what's going on?

Today, I'm pleased to announce that all ranks are getting a lovely multiplier addition due to the love and support we have had over the past few weeks. What are these "Multipliers" you may be asking, well let me tell you! But first, these are going to be released in the upcoming days.

We are adding a Job and Sell multiplier to each rank which will be done as following:
VIP: 1.1x
VIP+: 1.2x
MVP: 1.3x
MVP+: 1.4x
PRO: 1.5x
PRO+: 1.6x
Koala: 2.0x

This will only be for the Skyblock servers, not Factions or Prison.

Kindest Regards,


Hey Gang,

I am here to announce a new prison server coming soon to Skyblocky.
This server will be called: McPrison.

What is McPrison you might ask?

McPrison is a stand alone prison server that Serayne and I have been working on together (with help from some og prison players). This prison is some next level stuff guys. You will not be disappointed. It is a mix between the OP prison you guys see today, and the Old School type prisons that were popular from around 2 years ago that had Cells and Cell Blocks. There is NO flying anywhere on the map, and ranks range from A-Z. The prison economy is 100% made by hand and is designed to take a long time to reach rank Z. That being said, McPrison has a whole different Forums, Buycraft, Donor Ranks, and will have NO gkits. That's right folks. You cannot use any gkits on this new prison. Serayne and I feel that gkits are too overpowered and will ruin the fun.

There will be an NPC in the Skyblocky Hub which you will right click to connect to the server. You can also connect by using our hub's server selector (minecraft compass).

What are these new ranks? What will happen to Global Ranks?

McPrison has 4 purchasable donor ranks, and a rank you can receive for syncing your forums account called: Supporter. Purchasable Donor ranks are called: Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emerald. You will receive special in-game commands/abilities, daily kits, a special kit that can only be used once, and misc. items upon purchase. Now for Donor mines, they are run a bit differently on McPrison. In order to bridge the cap between donors and non donors we have come up with a new system for donor mines. Donor mines will only be accessible by using something called a Rank Key. Rank keys are obtainable by donors, by using a kit called; /kit [Rank]. [Rank] being Iron/Gold/Diamond/Emerald. For example if you are an Iron donor rank player, you will type /kit iron and it will give you an Iron Rank key. Keys give you access to that set donor mine for 1 hour at a time. You can only use one key every 3 hours. We did this to make the server more fair for everyone. Players may not like it so much at first, but Serayne and I want you all to fully engage in this prison experience. Mining at one donor mine for the entire time you are playing prison just because the prices are higher, can get rather boring (in my opinion). That's pretty much the run down of the new ranks, but i'm sure you are all wondering what is happening with Skyblocky's current Global Ranks. We are giving the top 4 Skyblocky Donor ranks, donor ranks on McPrison.

Examples: MVP+ = Iron, PRO = Gold, PRO+ = Diamond, and Koala = Emerald
You will be able to see the full list of perms/commands/items ect. of each rank when the server is released.

Staff and Staff Ranks

We will chose 5 staff from Skyblocky to be staff on McPrison. (They must be active and helpful). If you like McPrison and wish to be staff you must apply. Staff ranks are as follows:

Trainee, JrGuard, Guard, SrGuard, Warden, Owner

Enchantment Tokens

Enchantment tokens are a type of currency on the server. You need etokens to upgrade/purchase: pickaxes (used to mine with), armor, pvp weapons, backpacks (more inventory slots), and pets. PvP on McPrison will be overpowered, and highly intense because you can upgrade gear using etokens. There will also be special pvp enchants obtainable only through the enchantment token upgrade system. (warning: once you enchant weapons/tools/armor you cannot get your etokens back)


Backpacks give you extra inventory space for the blocks you mine. Backpacks are purchased with etokens. The price of backpacks are determined by how many slots they hold. If you want to get rid of a backpack, you can trade in backpacks bought with etokens for etokens themselves. For example: You have a backpack that you bought for 25 etokens that you no longer use. You can visit a Backpack Vendor to trade in this backpack and get 25 etokens.

Lucky Blocks

We have decided to add lucky blocks to McPrison. Lucky Blocks appear randomly when mining and dish out a variety of rewards all at random (money, etokens, backpacks, ect.). Lucky Fish, and Lucky Mob Drops also appear randomly when fishing or killing mobs.


As stated in Enchantment Token changes, you will be able to get your very own pets. Everyone starts off with a free pet, but you can earn additional pets by just playing the server. Pets passively earn you money every hour you are online. You can upgrade your pets to earn you even more money by using enchantment tokens. Customize your pet by naming him/her!


We have decided to add bombs to McPrison. Bombs blow up a section of a mine when placed. Blocks blown up by bombs automatically sell for their set value. Bomb levels vary from level 1 to level 4. Level 1 bombs do the smallest explosions, and level 4 bombs do the largest explosions. Bigger bombs only have a couple levels, but blow up an insane amount of blocks. Bombs cannot be used in the PvP mine or the Event mine.

PvP Mine

There will be a PvP mine located below the McPrison spawn in what we call the, "sewers." This name will make more sense once you see the spawn in game. The PvP mine is a very good mine to use, if you can avoid all the Pkers! I have no doubt that it will be full of players trying to prevent others from mining there. The mine only resets once every 30 minutes, and is filled with high priced ores. This is the only place on the server to obtain obsidian. Obsidian is the highest selling block on the market, and can ONLY be sold at the PvP sign or to players. Players cannot set homes in the PvP area.


Server wide events are held on McPrison every 250 server votes, 500 server votes, and 1000 server votes. These events include: Event Mines, Event Drop Parties, and Event Bosses. Each event is designed to be fun and interactive for players, but is also designed to help them rank-up in the process! More information about these events will be available once the server is released. Stay tuned, because these events are super unique and offer insane rewards. Just make sure to vote!

Alternative Rank-up Options

In addition to mining, you can also fish, or kill mobs to rank-up. Fishing will be located at the docks at spawn. You will fish and sell the fish you get at sell signs. Mob farming will be different. Each A-Z rank has a different type of mob for you to kill. Every mob you kill, you earn money. There are no mob drops, so it is clutter free. If you get bored of doing one of these tasks, just simply switch to a different one! These options have been balanced with the economy. One task may seem like it takes longer than another, but in actuality it most likely isn't. We have put a lot of thought into balancing this, so you don't have to spend all day just mining.

Real Estate

Buy your very own house at spawn!!! In McPrison you can purchase property all around the server. There are a variety of houses for sale, and even some special structures for example: you can even buy the boat at spawn! Property is very expensive so if you cannot afford it, we offer "welfare housing." Welfare houses are in a compact area available to purchase for very cheap. They offer a small building/storage area for a player. Owning real estate is just like owning a plot. You cannot edit the outer structure, but can build whatever you want inside! Players must pay real estate taxes every week to keep their home. Prestige to earn more real estate!

Final Comments

Serayne and I hope you enjoy this new prison experience coming out soon! Feel free to message me if you have any questions! Again, this is not the final Prison thread. There are a lot of features that I did not mention and explanations of new content that is a bit vague. There will be an in-game tutorial and a very in-depth forum thread explaining everything this server has to offer in full detail, once it is released. I made this just to introduce you guys to some of the upcoming updates. Hopefully you guys enjoy playing on this server, because I sure am going to!

P.S. Below are some pictures of what we have in store for you guys! #Leaks! #Hype!


Picture Credits go to: SuperNinja!


Good evening, Skyblockians.

I'm here to proudly announce we are releasing to you guys a Factions gamemode coming to Skyblocky on the 26th of this month! This was something that was on our minds for a little bit for you guys and you know how we like to surprise you.. (Look at Pirate)

However, for us to make it perfect for you guys we'd love to hear about your suggestions here on the forums. You can do so by following below to that link or posting here on this announcement thread!

Kindest Regards,

Updates + Twitter


Hey guys, some nice updates for you to get you all in the mood for this month!

So, I've recently come across to be in-charge of the Twitter, you can find it here:

It's so dead, no one even interacts with it and I'd love to see stuff you guys get up to on your islands.

Here is what I do on my island, jeez.

Anyhow, I'd also like to let you guys know that we just brought out Sidekicks and Disguises. You can access them via:

  • /dis, /disguise
  • /sidekicks, /sidekick

Some more updates coming this month, I hope you guys get on the twitter though.. it's extremely fun to interact with you guys!

Kindest Regards,
Skyblocky Administration

Hey everyone!

This month we are offering some really nice rewards for the top people to vote.

So, Top 3 first!

  • 1st place in voting by the end of February will receive Koala rank.
  • 2nd place in voting by the end of February will receive a $50 Voucher (You can spend this on our store)
  • 3rd place in voting by the end of February will receive a $25 Voucher (You can spend this on our store)

And everyone under, will receive a $10 voucher.

Best of luck, only two days in you can easily catch up!

Kindest Regards,
Skyblocky Administration