Hey all, I just thought I'd let you all know that our Teamspeak server has now been fully revamped and opened to the public! Here is a brief explanation on how to connect via Windows.

Guide to join ts.skyblocky.com

  • [​IMG]
  • [​IMG]
  • And of course, hit that connect button and you'll be in.

Download teamspeak3 here: https://www.teamspeak.com/downloads

What we have to offer:

  • Custom Ranks (Prefixes that suit your rank in-game)
  • Custom Channels (Rank Channels, these are your lounges where you can talk to other people in)
  • Private Temporary Channels (These can be created by right-clicking the community section)
  • 24/7 Support from our Skyblocky staff
  • Direct connection to our players & staff
  • Well respected and behaved community to talk and communicate with!

I hope to see you here with us, join at: ts.skyblocky.com

Hey all!

As a thank you to the playerbase for the opportunity to provide them with the most premium Skyblock opportunity in Minecraft, we have decided to release the VIP rank for free! However, this is a limited time offer which you will want to take advantage of since it's only lasting for two weeks!

Find it here: http://shop.skyblocky.com/category/848359

However, you aren't allowed to get VIP on any alts. But, your family members are allowed to take advantage of this too! (Free VIP works once per person, not per minecraft account)

Also, if you purchased VIP in the last two months, you are entitled to receiving VIP+ for free by putting a support ticket in here: https://skyblocky.com/forums/forms/support-request.3/respond

Kindest Regards,
Skyblocky Administration

Skyblocky 2.0 Release News

Hey guys, Serayne92 here with some news about the 2.0 release!

We are going to be taking down the old skyblocky servers at 5pm EST in preparation for the release of them at 8pm EST

New servers and the hub will be going up at 5pm EST as planned, but due to complications the old Skyblocky stuff is harder to handle and will be going up 3 hours later. This is okay as it gives you time to experience the new stuff.

Sale will be going live at 7pm EST.

If you have any questions, post them here, I'll answer everything.

Nothing will be lost, so do not ask about that, lol.

We need to delay by an hour and a half, ran into a few issues that'll time to work around. New update release is 6:30pm EST.

Re-post as the other one was deleted.
Hey everyone. 🙂

Today I'm announcing the release of the Official Skyblocky Discord Server! Over the last few days I've seen multiple threads and quite a few people messaging about adding one, so we went ahead and did it! On this discord you'll be able to communicate with the entire staff team as well as other players of Skyblocky and overall have a great time!

Make sure to send the invite link it to all your friends and make sure the whole Skyblocky community is part of this awesome new discord! 🙂