Skyblock Cloud Update v1.2

Skyblock Cloud Update v1.2

Welcome to Skyblock Cloud's v1.2 Update Patch Notes. Below you can find all information changed in this update, patch notes, new content, and any additional information from the previous week that has happened.


🚨 Robots:

  • Miner Robots have been buffed by 65%.
  • Lumberjack Robots have been buffed by 35%.
  • Grinder Robots have been nerfed by 5%.
  • Farmer Robots have been buffed by 75%.

-- Along with these meta changes, we've also fixed a ton of bugs with robots and did some miscellaneous additions to them.

  • Miner Robots should now continue to work overtime without updating the lava.
  • Lumberjack Robots should also continue to work overtime without updating the robot.
  • Robot Storage Items now have a sell-all button, allowing you to sell the entire stack directly from the menu. We've also applied boosters to work with this feature.
  • Robot Storage Items can now be extracted into block form and in block stack form. (Only Ores)

🚨 Generators:

  • Generators now can be combined similar to Robots to increase their tiers. Simply Drag n' Drop your generators on top of one another in your inventory to upgrade them to the next tier. (Must be same tier of generators to upgrade)

🚨 Economy:

  • Tons of Economy changes have been made to help balance the current economy. We will be watching the Economy very closely and keep improving on it.

Below is a list of all changes to the sell prices of the following items. More changes will happen in the future, if we see it needs more tweaking.

Coal: $25 ➔ $50
Coal Block: $225 ➔ $450
Diamond: $150 ➔ $175
Diamond Block: $1350 ➔ $1575
Gold Ingot: $100 ➔ $150
Gold Block: $900 ➔ $1350
Iron Ingot: $50 ➔ $100
Iron Block: $450 ➔ $900
Lapis Lazuli: $10 ➔ $50
Lapis Block: $90 ➔ $450
Redstone: N/A ➔ $50
Redstone Block: N/A ➔ $450
Beetroot: $15 ➔ $30
Beetroot Seeds: $0.5 ➔ $1
Cactus: $2 ➔ $4
Carrot: $2 ➔ $25
Melon: $20 ➔ $45
Melon Seeds: $0.5 ➔ $1
Melon Slice: $2 ➔ $5
Netherwart: $20 ➔ $40
Potato: $15 ➔ $20
Pumpkin: $10 ➔ $35
Pumpkin Seeds: $0.5 ➔ $1
Sugarcane: $10 ➔ $15
Wheat: $2 ➔ $10
Wheat Seeds: $0.5 ➔ $1
All Saplings: $1 ➔ $10

Below is the list of changes to the spawn rates for mobs.

Pillager Spawn Rate: 15s ➔ 22.5s

🚨 Pouches:

  • All Pouches now have been officially fixed. They show the correct description and each pouch now scales with the economy appropriately.
  • All Pouches also scale with the economy.

🚨 Block Stacking:

  • Tons of request to improve the stacking of blocks, so we've made some changes for you guys. You can now extract ores from Robots as in block form and stacked.
  • There is now a button inside block stacks to allow you to directly deposit blocks into a stack.
Block Stack New Button
  • There is also a new /stack command given to Mystic+ that will automatically stack all blocks in your inventory into one stack.


🔨 Crops broken by any other method besides players, will now collect inside Crop Hoppers.
🔨 Crop Hoppers will no longer break blocks above it when harvesting sugar cane.
🔨 0.9 Sell Multiplier should now be 1.0 for all players.
🔨 Farmland should now fertilize much much faster.
🔨 Collection Boxes and Robots now apply multiplier when selling.
🔨 Collection Boxes will no longer sell items that are not sellable.
🔨 Fixed all Island Upgrades not counting toward progress.
🔨 Redstone Upgrade should now appropriately count your redstone placement.
🔨 Credit Boosters can no longer be sold via /sell.
🔨 Fixed fuel depositing into generators not counting / keeping the fuel.
🔨 Slimes now give experience when killed in PVE.
🔨 Robots when placed on top of water will no longer destroy robots.
🔨 Cobblestone Generators should no longer have ghost blocks / outdated lava.
🔨 Lumberjack Robots will no longer randomly stop working.
🔨 Fixed Bamboo not growing.
✅ Added Netherite Ingots and Ancient Debris to Collection Boxes.
✅ Added Netherite Ingots and Quartz to Ore Hopper collection list.
✅ Added an alias for /baltop and /bal to show /creditstop and /credits.
✅ Added a delay on Slime Explosions to 4-7 seconds.
✅ Added a toggle for public Join Messages.
✅ Added a toggle to turn off and on your Join Message.