With the fairly recent release of Koala+, Dylan and I decided that it'd be a cool idea to give one lucky person Koala+!

Enter here by following @SkyblockySocial & re-tweeting this post:

Already have Koala+? Don't worry, you'll get a voucher for an equivalent amount!
Giveaway ends on March 20th, so make sure to enter by then.
If you win, you'll be DM'd on Twitter and requested to give your IGN. Then, the rank will be added to your in-game account OR you'll be given your voucher.

Make sure to tell your friends about the giveaway!

Kindest Regards,
- Evergreen

I'm sure you've all seen the new feature of Two Factor Authentication, or 2fa. I'll be explaining why we have it and how to use it, as well as an FAQ.

Why do we have Two Factor Authentication?
It's pretty simple - if your account gets hacked, there will be an extra layer of protection securing your in-game stats and items. Staff are required to use 2fa; this is so that players won't be wrongfully muted or banned if a staff account was hacked.

How do I use the /2fa command?
The default security code is: 999
When you log in, use /2fa 999
Then, use /2faset <your chosen numeric password>
It's recommended to use at least three numbers for your 2fa code.
You should now be able to log in and verify with your /2fa password. When logging on in the future, simply use /2fa <numeric password>.

If you want to enable or disable your 2fa, use /aaenable or /aadisable.


What does getting banned for "too many 2fa attempts" mean?

This means that you've attempted to enter an incorrect 2fa too many times. If this happens, contact an admin.

What if I forget my 2fa?
If you forget your 2fa password, message @Dylan Keir or I and we'll sort it from there.

Do I need to use a 2fa?
No, you do not unless you are a staff member. However, we recommend it.

My 2fa isn't working!!
Contact @Dylan Keir or I and we'll help you.

Someone figured out my 2fa! Help!
Make sure not to tell anyone under admin your 2fa. However, if someone knows your 2fa, contact Dylan or I and we'll reset it.

How do I disable and enable my 2fa?

Disable your 2fa with /aadisable. Enable it with /aaenable.

Anything you...


I’d like to start this announcement by mentioning what an amazing first few weeks we had. Though there were a few bumps along the way, and some things which still need to be sorted, you all have stuck it out to now and I’m grateful for that. I’m astounded with the increase in player base, and I hope we can climb to even greater months throughout the next season.

Now onto technicalities.

There was an influx of requests for purchase support in the days after the merge, and as I was handling them all myself, it’s possible I missed someone here or there. If you still don’t have your purchases from Candycraft, or have an error with a purchase made here, create a ticket HERE or message me HERE. I know several of you are still waiting on responses from me for your purchases; I’m going through them as fast as I can.

Dylan and I are aware of all of the bugs which have appeared over the past few weeks, and he’s working hard to fix them. A changelog will be released with the next big update in bug fixes. Obviously bigger bugs and bugs pertaining to purchases are more of a priority right now, however, if you find a bug, report it HERE or message me.

I’m sure you all have been eagerly awaiting new content. We have a lot of new content planned for the coming month, including a PvP arena, and newly designed and upgraded ranked perks. Remember, if you have an idea which you think might be cool to add to Skyblocky, suggest it HERE or message me about...​

The rules have been completely re-done as of today.
Rule changes take effect today at 12 PM EST.

Click the following link to view the updated rules:


If you feel something needs to be added or changed on the rules, or you want to report a player for excessive rule breaking or toxicity, message me here or on Discord (Evergreen#7184).

If a player breaks a rule, report them here.
Appeal a punishment here.
All bans and mutes may be appealed, warnings may not. If you are 100% sure a warning is false, message me.

Kindest Regards,
- Evergreen



I'm happy to announce that just a few days after the merge to Skyblocky, we've released a new rank, Koala+!
Right now, it's a basic upgrade from Koala, however, soon we'll be releasing some awesome new perks for every rank.
Already Koala? Upgrade right here!

Global Perks

  • Global Broadcast saying that you supported the server
  • Koala+ tag ingame

  • Koala+ Tag on Forums
  • Ability to join full servers
  • Use multiple colors in titles
  • Change your chat color
  • Change your guild chat color
  • Colored chat in /pm
  • Announcement + effect in the world when you join
  • No chat cooldown
  • Bold /titlecolor
  • 15x Auction House Slots
  • 5 custom titles (/createtitle)
  • Use colors in shouts
  • Custom forum banner
  • /gkit koalaclaw - Omnitool
  • /gkit koala+daily - Gives two of every crate key!
  • 1x free /titlecreate every 7 days (/gkit koala+weekly)
  • 1x free StatTrack tag every 7 days (/gkit koala+weekly)
  • 1x free ItemRename tag every 7 days (/gkit koala+weekly)

Global Commands

  • /color - Change your chat color
  • /titlecolor - Customize your title's format and colors
  • /nick - Change your nickname
  • /ranktitle - Toggle your donator or citizen prefix...

All requests for vouchers, tickets, and messages for help with purchases up to this time have been dealt with.

Remember, if you haven't received your rank yet, make a purchase help ticket or message me about it!
You can also receive a voucher equivalent to the value of any global-kits which you purchased on Candycraft! Make a purchase help or message me if you need yours.

Skysell is not working yet, so if you bought it but don't yet have it, don't worry! It'll be here soon.
Those who had Koala on Skyblocky 2.0 will receive it tomorrow. I apologize for the delay in hooking up those ranks correctly.

All minor bugs should be fixed within the next few days, and then we'll be rolling out some updates! Remember to post in the suggestions area or message me if you've got any cool ideas for Skyblocky.

I'm happy to say that we exceeded 150 players on release day, and everything has gone pretty well.

Enjoy Skyblocky!
Kindest Regards,
- Evergreeen

As highly anticipated, the re-branding of Candycraft to Skyblocky will be happening in the near future. Here is the exact date and time.

February 9, 2018
5 PM EST [] 2 PM PST [] 10 PM GMT
All punishments will be reset except for blacklisted players.

Skyblocky will have the economy which is currently in use on Arkham Skyblock2.

In the coming weeks, tons of updates will be made.
For more details, concerning your ranks, perks, and more, visit this post.

A few hours before the re-branding, all current Candycraft servers will be set so you all can purge them! Go all out and destroy spawns, islands, and more!

I sincerely hope you all enjoy Skyblocky!

Kindest Regards,
- Evergreen
Hey guys.

It’s been a while since I’ve written an announcement, but I’ve got something super cool for you all. Many of you, I’m sure, remember Skyblocky. To cut straight to the chase, CandyCraft will be rebranding and changing back to Skyblocky.​

Specific details
A lot of the specific details are still yet to be decided & announced but as for Forums, we will be using the CandyCraft forums but with the Skyblocky theme. We think it is best to do this as you will all still have your posts and playing history from the past 7 months. We will be doing the same thing with the Discord. It will also be rebranded as Skyblocky.​

What servers will there be?
Skyblock! We hope none of you will be disappointed, however Prison, Factions, and Creative don’t have enough players to be included in the rebranding to Skyblocky. In addition, the name Skyblocky implies Skyblock so we’ll stick with that. With this, we hope to focus solely on a Skyblock server and make it as awesome as possible, all of you guys will be crucial in this. We will want to know what content you guys want on Skyblocky so stay tuned for a follow-up announcement regarding suggestions.​

Ranks Transfers
The most important thing you guys are probably worrying about is donator ranks; they will all transfer to the ones below.​
  • Jellybean → VIP​
  • Gumdrop → VIP+​
  • Gummybear → MVP​
  • Licorice → MVP+​
  • Sugarlord → PRO​
  • Candyking → PRO+​
  • CookieMonster → Koala​

Extra Content Transfers
As for extra content:
  • SkySell will transfer.
  • You will be able to receive a Buycraft voucher for the amount of your individually purchased GKits.
  • Titles/Tags will be completely reset.
  • Those who purchased cosmetics will be able to use cosmetics on Skyblocky.
  • Vote multipliers will transfer,...

We all want to be as fair as possible to both the staff and players of Candycraft.
So I'm inviting you all to fill out a survey stating your opinion of each and every staff member (and administration+ too!)

This survey is anonymous, so don't worry; you wouldn't ever be punished for your opinion.
However, make sure to be honest.

The purpose of this is to help improve the staff team.

How does the survey work?

This survey is on Google Forms to try and make it as simple as possible.

Here is a link to the survey:

Fill out a response for each staff member on the team. Go from section to section and then click submit, and your opinion will be registered!

Kind Regards,
- Evergreen

Here's a fun event for you all, on the new server, Prison2.

From now to February 1st, we'll have an ongoing competition.

The player with the top Prestige by the end of the allotted time will win a $100 Candycraft store gift-card!
This gift-card can be used as many times as you want until the balance runs out, for any item in the store!

Entry is also extremely easy; all you need to do is play and prestige! Though we'd appreciate if you tell your friends to join in too.

How do you Prestige?
Simply mine and /rankup to the "Z" mine. Then, /prestige to get to the next level and start all over again!

Check the top prestige using /leaderboard and clicking the "Prestige" option. Your current prestige level is listed next to your name in chat: [3/B] means that you are Prestige 3 and currently mining in the "B" mine.

Make sure to spread the word; the more players competing the more fun it'll be!

Good Luck!
- Evergreen