Happy 2018 to everyone!

The Prison 2 release was successful, even though it happened a bit later than planned. I'm happy that most of you are enjoying the new economy.​
As you've probably seen in-game, the first two or three days of Prison will be a sort of "open beta." This means that all players can join and try Prison, however it will still be a beta test and probably will be reset within the next few days. This is to catch any last bugs, and to tweak the economy to come as near to perfection as possible.
Purchasable items will be added to Prison 2 as soon as the beta is over & the server is reset.
|| Remember, if you find bugs, message me about them immediately. ||

I'm also excited to inform you all that we'll have some great content coming up for Prison 2 with the start of the New Year!
If you have something you'd like to see, suggest it HERE!​

Last, but not least, congratulations to the top voters of December!
Your voucher will be given in-game, or via a secure forums account, within the next day.

|| 1st: $50 Store Voucher ||
Caype - 138

|| 2nd: $40 Store Voucher ||
iPug8 - 129

|| 3rd: $30 Store Voucher ||
im_the_dude1 - 128

Votes have now been reset. Make sure to vote for a chance to be a top voter of January!

Kind Regards,
- Evergreen


I’m excited to announce to you all the newest game-mode revamp:
The Prison Revamp!


DECEMBER 31st, 2017

**Unfortunately, due to timing, there will be no publicly open beta testing. However, if any problems arise, message me immediately and they will be fixed.**

No one will lose ANY of their current stuff. Everything will be put into a legacy server.


The Prison economy has been completely re-designed to last much longer, as well as to have the perfect balance of challenge without becoming too hard.
I'm really excited about this new economy, and I hope you guys will enjoy it as well.

CookieMonster has been designed to have some great perks. Other ranked perks were re-done as well, to match with the economic system.

We’ve also got an entirely new feature, player plots. This will replace the somewhat giltchy housing plugin which we had previously. Plot commands are easy; it will be the same concept as claiming plots in Creative.

Lastly, we've got a highly requested item - a new PvP rank!

Godly [1000 Kills]

/kit godly (14 day cooldown)
- Godly Sword: Sharpness 12, Fire Aspect 10, Unbreaking 10
- Godly Bow: Power 12, Unbreaking 10, Flame 10

/kit godlyonce
- 400 E-Tokens

We'll be trying to update features weekly, maybe even bi-weekly. Don't worry though,...​

I've got some great news for you all!

As you know, your in-game account can be synced with your forum account by typing /syncaccount in-game.
But now, you can also sync your forum account to your Discord account on the Candycraft Discord.

Dylan has kindly created a GIF explaining exactly how to sync your forum account to your Discord account:


Over on Discord, we've now got separate text channels for each exclusive rank.
When your account is synced, your profile will have your rank displayed, and you will have access to the channels for and below your rank!

Hope you all enjoy!
Kind Regards,
- Evergreen

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and to those who don't celebrate, Happy Holidays!

As you all know, today marks the conclusion of the Holiday Build Competition. I'm proud to announce our three winners, all of whom made excellent builds - I suggest you go check the builds out!

Congratulations to our Holiday Build Competition Winners!
Winners will be messaged their vouchers on forums, and given tags in-game.

1st: $75 Store Voucher
2nd: $50 Store Voucher
3rd: $25 Store Voucher

Special mention to @Lorrees as well.

We've also had a Twitter giveaway of the CookieMonster rank. Congratulations to the winner, PinkityDrinkity!

Lastly, thank you to all of our staff applicants - the team is now back to standard with over 25 total staff!
That being said, we're still accepting applications, though the standards are a tad higher than before.

An announcement will be coming on New Years regarding new content & features, the future of CandyCraft, and December's top voters.

Enjoy the flash 90% Christmas Sale!

Kind Regards & Merry Christmas,
- Evergreen

As Candycraft is expanding, we need to have a larger staff team to make sure our network chat will be moderated at all times, and any rule-breakers will be caught.

I'll cut straight to the point - we're looking for new staff!

Here are some of the qualities we look for in new staff members:

Dedication to Candycraft & knowledge of the community.
You know how to work with a team.
Good understanding of the gamemodes you play.
(Optional) Past staffing experience - though this isn't a must have, it will increase your chances of acceptance to the team. Make sure to include proof of past experience if you have it.

Here are some of our expectations for staff applications:

Lots of detail. For long response questions, a paragraph or more.
Correct grammar & spelling.
A nearly clean history - no punishments in the past 30 days.

Some of these expectations may be put aside if administration and I feel a player has potential to be a good staff member.
Since we're specifically looking for staff, even if you don't meet every single requirement, you can still try applying.

Interested? View a more detailed guide here.
Apply for staff HERE.

Good luck to all applicants!
- Evergreen

The wait period between applications has been temporarily changed from 30 days to 15 days!

Just thought I'd bring you guys a quick fishing update before Christmas just for something extra to do! This update we added a fishing rod along with a fishing rod enchant to the store. Buying either will allow you to randomly catch special items while fishing. These special items include money rewards, spawners, keys, more!

Want to be the first to check it out? Get them here!

Hey guys, It's Dylan here.

Second feature announcement in one day? I must be working extra hard!

Anyways, we've finally readded /syncaccount in game. This will allow having your donator rank on the forums, and if you're staff, you'll receive that too!

How does it work?
It's very simple. Simply type /syncaccount in game and it will bring up a message like this:


After clicking it, you'll be greeted with this nice page:


It's as simple as that! I hope you all enjoy this super cool update.

I'm excited to announce the release of some cool new purchasable items.


We now sell store gift-cards! You can buy one and use it until the balance reaches zero, or, you can get one for a friend!

Technical Information:
After purchase, a code will be emailed to the email you used in the purchase. Then you can use that code yourself or give it to a friend.

Gift-cards are available for $10, $20, $50, and $100.

The cool part is: for higher prices, you'll actually save money - gift-cards are sold for less than their worth the higher the value!

Buy them here!


Another awesome feature we've added to Skyblock 2 is Rainbow Armor! Get it here for only $6.
The armor cycles between a rainbow of colors!

To anyone who played Skyblocky 1.0 before the merge to Candycraft, you might remember this armor!

Hope you enjoy!
- Evergreen

Oh, and remember to enter the Build Competition! Winners will be picked on


[​IMG] Hello! [​IMG]

You all may have noticed the huge change on Skyblock 2: the spawn is now decorated for the Holidays!
Go check it out at /spawn on Skyblock 2 - you won't be disappointed!

A huge thank you to the staff team for putting in so much work to build it.
- Credits to @Music_Allegiance for the photo.

I'm also happy to announce that we've added a Christmas crate to Skyblock 2!
It's got a unique set of rewards, most of which are specific to the Holiday season.
You can receive keys by gambling your luck at two of the other crates, Candycane, and Donor, OR, you can go ahead and pick up some keys here!

Then head over to /crates and hope to win some awesome prizes!

- Evergreen
[​IMG] Hello! [​IMG]

The Halloween Build Competition was a huge success, so we're back with the Christmas Build Competition!
As was hinted at in the last announcement, this competition will last from:
December 5th, 2017
December 24, 2017 (5 PM EST)

On a side note, there's currently a Christmas Twitter giveaway taking place!
RT & Follow for a chance to win the exclusive CookieMonster rank!

Theme & Server
Holiday Themed!
Your build may include candy, holiday themed objects, or snow!

To enter, create a Holiday themed build on your Skyblock2 island. (/server Skyblock2)
Remember to include a warp sign by your build so we can judge it!

To Enter:
Comment on this thread with your in-game-name so we can warp to your build. Make sure to also say whatever you're most excited for in the Holiday season!

1. Builds must follow all server rules in terms of content.
2. You may not use any modifications to build which are not explicitly allowed on the allowed & disallowed modifications list.
3. All entered builds should be Holiday themed.
4. You may not copy other’s builds.
5. Entry deadline is: December 24th at 5 PM EST. Winners will be announced on December 25 (Christmas).
6. The admin team and I will be the judges....​