This is the information thread concerning the Halloween Candyhunt taking place on Skyblock & Prison.

October 15, 5 PM EST
November 1st, 12 AM EST


Find all treasure locations on Skyblock or Prison to receive an awesome reward!

Treasure locations are hidden around spawn (and sometimes in PvP!); all you need to do to register one is to walk within a few blocks of it. They are large orange holograms with pumpkins on top, so when you see one it'll be obvious.

Skyblock has 25 locations.
Prison has 10 locations.

Once you have found all locations on a specific server, you will receive the rewards listed below. You can hunt on both Skyblock and Prison and receive treasure on each!

Remember, you are not allowed to use multiple accounts to complete the hunt.​



(1) Iron Golem Spawners
[Halloween2017] Tag


(3) Candycane Crate Keys
(3) Prestige Crate Keys
[Halloween2017] Tag

GOOᗪ ᒪᑌᑕK & ᕼᗩᐯE...


As was promised in the last announcement, Candycraft will be having a building competition for Halloween. You all have voted on the themes, and we’ve had nearly a tie for a theme of a Haunted Mansion or a theme of Pumpkins. So, instead of having a single theme, you will have the option to pick between the two!

// Theme & Server
Haunted Mansion OR Pumpkins!

To enter, create a build with one (or both!) of these themes on Skyblock (to add a bit of challenge). Remember to include a warp sign by your build!

Comment on this thread with your in-game-name and your favorite type of candy so we can warp to your build.​

// Rules
1. Builds must follow all server rules in terms of content.
2. You may not use any modifications to build which are not explicitly allowed on the allowed & disallowed modifications list.
3. All entered builds should be Halloween themed.
4. You may not copy other’s builds.
5. Entry deadline is: October 30th at 5 PM EST. Winners will be announced on Halloween.
6. The admin team and I will be the judges.​

// Prizes
Note: Prizes will be distributed to the forum account which comments. If a forum account which does not belong to you comments your in-game-name, message me or an admin in-game.

1st: $75 Store Voucher

2nd: $50 Store Voucher

3rd: $25 Store Voucher

ALL prize winners will receive an exclusive tag,...

This is the month of October, meaning Halloween is coming! In honor of that, this month we’re going to have a ton of fun activities and events for you all, along with pushing some new Skyblock and Prison content.

// Twitter Giveaway

To start with, we’ve got a Twitter giveaway, lasting until the 15th of October. Retweet & Follow to enter! I’ll be working hard to make sure our Twitter page stays active.

// Building Competition

A huge Halloween building competition on Skyblock will be taking place soon, and you get to vote on the theme you’ll be building for! Post your opinion in the poll on this announcement. I’ll be giving you all an update in a couple of days concerning the specifics of this competition, along with the decided theme. There will be prizes!

// Halloween Themes

The Skyblock spawn will be redecorated for Halloween, and Hub might be as well. Some exclusive Halloween tags will be added to the store soon, get them while you can!

// Weekly Content Updates

As you’ve seen in the past couple weeks, the developers are working hard to get updates out at least a couple times every week. In the past few days, Prison has been received several updates: view the changelog here. As always, we would love to hear your suggestions! Create a thread with your ideas here.

// Top Voter...
Hello, all,

I and Serayne have decided that me staying on at CandyCraft wouldn't be the best option. I will be continuing as a website developer for Serayne's projects, but alongside starting a new job (one that's very demanding, I must add) - I have to regret I am going to be leaving CandyCraft.

I've had lots of fun here but this month I haven't been active, so this is for the best. I wouldn't expect Serayne to keep me on when I can't perform everything I could when I started. If any of you ever need anything - feel free to message me! I'll be glad to help in any way I can.

Hello, everyone,

After being slightly inactive for a while, I and Serayne have had a chat and we've decided we need to push some amazing updates to keep the server's player base expanding.

We'd like your input on how you'd like to see each server improved. In order to do this, you can head over to our suggestions page and submit anything you think would be good.

Please also use this thread to discuss anything with other people in our community that you think would be beneficial.

Have a good day,
Hey, everybody!

Earlier today Mojang released 1.12.2, I'm just writing this post to let you guys know that we've updated our network to support this new update. If you did not know you can connect on any version between 1.7 and 1.12.2.

Hey everybody,

Due to the recent network issues that occurred, Prison and Factions are having more severe issues, @chckn and I are working on a fix so please be patient.

Skyblock appears to be fine though.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


EDIT: Prison has been fixed but the Factions world was unfortunately corrupted, this means the world will be rolled back a few hours to our most recent backup. Things like inventories and balances should not be affected. Again, sorry about this.
Hey everybody,

We're currently experiencing some network issues, we're working as fast as we can to fix it.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


EDIT: The network issues have been resolved, everything should be as it was.
-Staff Applications-
Hello! How are you all doing?

So, as you’ve probably noticed, sadly Qzs has resigned from his position as Manager. @Triplenox and I will be doing our best to make sure everything continues to the standard at which he held it.

This is going to be an announcement with some news regarding the staff team & applications. Our network promises staff online, helping players, and moderating chat at all times and in all timezones, but we can’t have that without your help. For this to happen, we need to have a full staff team.

We’d love to see some new applicants for Helper, especially from European & Australian timezones (others are welcome as well though). Before applying, make sure to thoroughly read this guide on how to write an acceptable application along with the requirements. Make sure to include lots of detail in your application about your strengths and how you could benefit the team.

@Dylan Keir has kindly added a line of clarification in one of the staff application questions as well: when asked for online time, it’s now explained that you should include which hours of the day you can be online for. We’re looking for staff able to fill mid-day times (GMT). If you meet the requirements and would like to help staff on CC, feel free to apply!

Best of luck to any and all applicants!

Kindest Regards,
- Evergreen
Hi all,

I've got a quick post for you guys (and it's regarding top voter rewards). Starting from this month, the top 3 voters at the end of the month (on the last day). You can view the top voter rewards on the vote page over here.

For reference, the top voter rewards this month are:
  1. $50 Voucher
  2. $40 Voucher
  3. $30 Voucher
You will be mailed a code in-game on the last day if you are in the top #3. Any ties will not have the coupon code split.