Hello everyone,

I've got good and bad news for you all today. Let's get the bad news out of the way first... we're sad to announce that starting from today, ALL legacy servers will be removed from CandyCraft.

The reason for this is simple: they don't do very well and were originally implemented to help people move over to CandyCraft as a whole. We want to focus on our core gamemodes (Prison, Factions, Skyblock, Creative) and make them the best they can be (this is the good news, if you didn't already know)!

Legacy servers used up valuable resources that we could allocate elsewhere (for advertising and expanding our gamemodes) which is the main reason for legacy servers being removed (we're sorry!). We hope that too many of you aren't devastated by this news and we promise that we'll be bringing out regular content updates to our core game modes.

Until next time,

As you may have seen, we've got a completely new look! We've changed the way CandyCraft's artwork appears as we felt the old one didn't represent what the server actually is. Now I know this might not suit some of you guys, but I stand by my point of it representing what CandyCraft is! (A kid-friendly network with an unbeatable candy theme and unparalleled features).

The following sections of our brand have been updated:
  • Logo
  • Background
  • Portal Icons (releasing soon)
We've also got some super special logos that'll be added during holiday periods such as:
  • Christmas
  • Halloween
Throughout these holiday periods, special effects will be added to the store and forums along with lots of special in-game updates (more to follow on this!).

Server Advertising

We've recently secured a sponsored slot on one of the most popular Minecraft server list websites which is visited by millions of players (just like you!) every month.

This slot will see us increase our player base. There will be new faces so I ask everyone to be kind with every new player and help them out as much as possible (even send them a bit of money on Prison if you're feeling kind).

I have a feeling this slot will do very well for the server and enable us to keep pushing out awesome updates to an ever-growing community (you guys are awesome, btw!).

Many thanks,
Hello all,

Today I've got some very exciting things to share! As the server continues to grow we're making a HUGE announcement. Our team has been working very hard on Prison and we're now at a point where we're gearing up for a super feature packed release. The current date set for Prison release is:

25th August 2017 at 5PM EST*

The current time for the release is an estimate and is not confirmed. We will confirm this towards the end of the week.

On another note, we also have two active giveaways running:
Finally, we have some exciting updates coming in the following months. The creative and factions servers will be given some much needed love (after Prison has released) and we will start bringing out some much needed updates to these servers - there will be another post regarding this close to the time. If you have any suggestions, please leave them on the forums and I'll check them asap!

Many thanks,
Hi all,

After 24 hours, I've pushed out quite a few updates in association with our excellent developer @Dylan Keir. These can be found below:
  • Added /vote back to skyblock. Factions and other servers will receive vote rewards by the weekend.
  • Added vote party on skyblock. This is a party that's activated when 200 votes have been reached, you will receive a crate and have a chance to win items such as crate keys, blocks and money too!
  • Added a new store theme.
  • Added a new forum theme.
  • Added post reactions to the forums (you can like, dislike, agree and more on forum posts!).
  • Added a new twitter account (@CandyCraftMC_) - there is an active giveaway so make sure you check our Twitter out!
  • Updated the existing portal to make it cleaner.
  • Moved SkySell to SkyBlock > Misc Items.
There's still lots to do so please be rest assured I'm not done (including the long awaited release of Prison). I'm here to get CandyCraft back to it's glorious position and I'll be doing exactly that.

This is your chance to ask me anything! If you would like to know something about the future of CandyCraft, what we plan on doing (without telling too many secrets) I'll be delighted to let you know. I will respond to all questions posted below so get asking!

Many thanks,
Hello all!

I'm Matt (known in-game as Triplenox). I have a feeling I'll be asked a million times who I am and exactly what I'm doing at CandyCraft. I've been drafted in to make CandyCraft as awesome as it can be by the (somewhat) wonderful @Serayne92.

My official role is Community Manager. I'll be helping the community expand, ensuring the server receives the much-needed updates and more! Alongside this, I will also be working on a revamped version of the website (including statistics, store, forums & more) in the coming months.

Tomorrow there will be a huge change - the store, portal and forums will all receive a temporary revamp! They will look completely different to how they do currently (I know, change is scary!) but it's for the best - we want to give you guys the best experience possible.

Here's a few questions I can imagine I will get asked, so I'll answer them before you can smash your keyboard to bits typing them out:

Q: How old are you?
A: I'm 18, recently turned 18 in January.

Q: Have you worked on servers before?
A: Yes, I've owned smaller servers and worked with some larger servers a few years ago but nothing too recent!

Q: Where are you from?
A: I live in Cheshire, a county (equivalent to a state in America) in Britain.

If you want, you can follow me on Twitter (I rarely post though): @Triplenox

If you have any questions, concerns or otherwise feel free to message me. I hope to see much more of everyone on here, have a great day!
The votes are in!
I would like to announce the top 3 plot builds for our recent build contest.

Top 3

Honorable mentions

Thank you to everyone who participated! Now it is up to you to decide who will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Please vote on this forum, who you think deserves the biggest prize!

EDIT: Using alts to boost votes is not allowed. Any alt used to boost voting will not count.
Calling all builders!

Do you like creative building? Do you like competition?
Enjoy both at our upcoming Building Contest!

Starting RIGHT NOW you have until Friday, August 4th 10pm EST to submit ANY Candy Themed Build!

1). You must create your build on our Creative Server
2). Builds must be kid friendly and age appropriate
3). You must comment on this forum post by; August 4th at 10pm EST with your In-Game Name, and Creative Plot ID
(if you do not comment in this post by this date and time you will not be eligible for rewards)
4). Have fun :)

iKoalas and misc. others will pick the top 3 builds for the public to vote on.
Public voting for the top 3 builds will begin a few days after the contest ends.
Once public voting ends the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be chosen.

1st Place:
$50 Buycraft Store Gift Card
Your plot will be signed by iKoalas herself!
2nd Place:
$25 Buycraft Store Gift Card
3rd Place:
$10 Buycraft Store Gift Card​
Hey CandyCrafters,

We have implemented some awesome new updates for CandyCraft such as...

Skysell allows you to smack a chest to sell everything in it! Pretty neat eh?
Simply write [SkySell] on a sign connected to a chest and it should work. (If you are confused about this please message one of our staff and they will gladly assist you)
Have a trusted friend that will sell your goodies for you? Type /trusted to allow them to access your chests.
More info? Check out this donor perk here!


Enjoy being a part of a community? Want another way to talk to your pals? Join or create a guild!
Anyone rank SugarLord/Lady and above can create their very own guild. Lower ranks must join an already existant one. Type /guild in-game for more help!
Build, Construct, and Conquer that Island Top.

You can repair any item/gear that has taken durability loss.
Cost: $1k per damage or 1 xp level per 10 damage.
To do this simply type: /repair
or visit the NPC at /warp repair!

There is also a new command to remove the fly particles. Use /flyparticles to toggle them.​
Hey CandyKings/Queens, SugarLords/Ladies,
This post is for you!

We have added the ability for you to change your In-Game donor rank title! You will no longer be stuck as a King if you are a Queen, and a Lord if you are a Lady. When you purchase a rank off of our store the default will be either CandyKing or Sugarlord. Once you have the rank, you can then edit using the command...

Type /role in-game and try it out!
Enjoy : )
Hello Everyone,

Our creative server is now live! Type /server creative in-game to join or right click our server selector in /hub.


Enjoy Role playing?
Enjoy Building?
Want a server to just mess around in and have fun?
Creative is the server for you!

Type /plot to start your candy journey.
Need more assistance? /plot help or /p help has got you covered!
Still confused? Feel free to message any one of our staff.
Enjoy CandyCrafters!

Shoutout to Entity Builds ;D

P.S. iKoalas is planning a Building Contest very soon so stay tuned!​