Hello all!

I'm Matt (known in-game as Triplenox). I have a feeling I'll be asked a million times who I am and exactly what I'm doing at CandyCraft. I've been drafted in to make CandyCraft as awesome as it can be by the (somewhat) wonderful @Serayne92.

My official role is Community Manager. I'll be helping the community expand, ensuring the server receives the much-needed updates and more! Alongside this, I will also be working on a revamped version of the website (including statistics, store, forums & more) in the coming months.

Tomorrow there will be a huge change - the store, portal and forums will all receive a temporary revamp! They will look completely different to how they do currently (I know, change is scary!) but it's for the best - we want to give you guys the best experience possible.

Here's a few questions I can imagine I will get asked, so I'll answer them before you can smash your keyboard to bits typing them out:

Q: How old are you?
A: I'm 18, recently turned 18 in January.

Q: Have you worked on servers before?
A: Yes, I've owned smaller servers and worked with some larger servers a few years ago but nothing too recent!

Q: Where are you from?
A: I live in Cheshire, a county (equivalent to a state in America) in Britain.

If you want, you can follow me on Twitter (I rarely post though): @Triplenox

If you have any questions, concerns or otherwise feel free to message me. I hope to see much more of everyone on here, have a great day!
The votes are in!
I would like to announce the top 3 plot builds for our recent build contest.

Top 3

Honorable mentions

Thank you to everyone who participated! Now it is up to you to decide who will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Please vote on this forum, who you think deserves the biggest prize!

EDIT: Using alts to boost votes is not allowed. Any alt used to boost voting will not count.
Calling all builders!

Do you like creative building? Do you like competition?
Enjoy both at our upcoming Building Contest!

Starting RIGHT NOW you have until Friday, August 4th 10pm EST to submit ANY Candy Themed Build!

1). You must create your build on our Creative Server
2). Builds must be kid friendly and age appropriate
3). You must comment on this forum post by; August 4th at 10pm EST with your In-Game Name, and Creative Plot ID
(if you do not comment in this post by this date and time you will not be eligible for rewards)
4). Have fun :)

iKoalas and misc. others will pick the top 3 builds for the public to vote on.
Public voting for the top 3 builds will begin a few days after the contest ends.
Once public voting ends the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be chosen.

1st Place:
$50 Buycraft Store Gift Card
Your plot will be signed by iKoalas herself!
2nd Place:
$25 Buycraft Store Gift Card
3rd Place:
$10 Buycraft Store Gift Card​
Hey CandyCrafters,

We have implemented some awesome new updates for CandyCraft such as...

Skysell allows you to smack a chest to sell everything in it! Pretty neat eh?
Simply write [SkySell] on a sign connected to a chest and it should work. (If you are confused about this please message one of our staff and they will gladly assist you)
Have a trusted friend that will sell your goodies for you? Type /trusted to allow them to access your chests.
More info? Check out this donor perk here!


Enjoy being a part of a community? Want another way to talk to your pals? Join or create a guild!
Anyone rank SugarLord/Lady and above can create their very own guild. Lower ranks must join an already existant one. Type /guild in-game for more help!
Build, Construct, and Conquer that Island Top.

You can repair any item/gear that has taken durability loss.
Cost: $1k per damage or 1 xp level per 10 damage.
To do this simply type: /repair
or visit the NPC at /warp repair!

There is also a new command to remove the fly particles. Use /flyparticles to toggle them.​
Hey CandyKings/Queens, SugarLords/Ladies,
This post is for you!

We have added the ability for you to change your In-Game donor rank title! You will no longer be stuck as a King if you are a Queen, and a Lord if you are a Lady. When you purchase a rank off of our store the default will be either CandyKing or Sugarlord. Once you have the rank, you can then edit using the command...

Type /role in-game and try it out!
Enjoy : )
Hello Everyone,

Our creative server is now live! Type /server creative in-game to join or right click our server selector in /hub.


Enjoy Role playing?
Enjoy Building?
Want a server to just mess around in and have fun?
Creative is the server for you!

Type /plot to start your candy journey.
Need more assistance? /plot help or /p help has got you covered!
Still confused? Feel free to message any one of our staff.
Enjoy CandyCrafters!

Shoutout to Entity Builds ;D

P.S. iKoalas is planning a Building Contest very soon so stay tuned!​
Great news CandyCrafters,

The Skyblock crates have been revamped! That's right guys, we have made some awesome changes to the crates. Armor, tools, and weapons have been buffed. McMMO credits have been added along with some sick titles. Hop on now to check out these awesome changes!

Remember the server ip is...

Come join the fun!
Hello CandyCrafters,

The CandyKing server donors now have access to their very own kit on our newly released Skyblock! Thank you everyone for your patience and support. As time goes on...issues/bugs/problems will be fixed. The revival and perfection of CandyCraft will take time so please bare with us! We are working as hard as we can. Our developers are putting in well over 100% effort into the server. We care about our players and value your opinions so feel free to post any suggestions you have to better help CandyCraft grow!

Thank you everyone!

Update: CandyKing now has /god!
Good Afternoon Everyone,

It has been a struggle, but players should have received their donor ranks by now. To compensate for all of these issues the server has been experiencing we are giving any new player who joins the first donor rank for FREE. We are also upgrading everyone's rank a second time. Just to MAKE sure that you will have the correct rank. Please make a Purchase Help on the forums if you qualify for the $25 Voucher.

People who qualify for $25 Voucher:

People who purchased KOALA Rank on Skyblocky BEFORE Merge.
People who purchased EMERALD Rank on CraftedWild BEFORE Merge.
People who purchased SUGARLORD Rank on CandyCraft BEFORE Merge.

Rank Name Changes:
CandyKing and SugarLord NAMES ONLY have been switched.
CandyKing is now the highest rank.
This means that ONLY the NAME of the ranks have changed.
The reason we swapped the names is because it makes sense for Lord to be below King.
Again...for the 4th time...the only thing changed was the NAME of the rank.

Staff Application Guide and Requirements

  • You need Discord, with a working microphone.
  • You need to be able to record and take screenshots in good quality.
  • 30 days of activity on the forums. (Isn't mandatory. We will ignore this requirement if the rest of your application is good enough to our liking.)
  • Your in-game account, your forums account need to be synced. Use /syncaccount in-game
  • Try and make your application as detailed as possible.
  • You can't have any punishments in the last 30 days. (Bans or mutes)
  • You need to wait 15 days with re-applying after being denied.
  • Do not plagiarize your application. You will be instantly denied and you wont be allowed to apply for staff again for 6 months. (We will find out if you do copy your application from someone else).
  • Be honest in your application
  • Do not talk to any staff members, on or off the team, about your application unless you have an actual question about it. Asking staff to review / read it is an instant denial.
Frequently asked questions
- Q: What happens after I post an application? How long does it take to get a response?
- A: Your application will be viewed by a member of our application team as soon as possible. You will only get a reply from us if you have been accepted. It can take up to 2 weeks for us to look at your application. After this time, it has probably been denied.
- Q: I have been banned/muted before, will that hurt my chances of getting Trial?
- A: This will lower your chances of ever getting a position on our team, however, this doesn't mean that you wont be able...