We are very proud and excited to announce a new OFFICIAL contest held by our very own Joey Graceffa for our loyal CandyCraft community!

We want to give back to the community that has helped us grow in number each day and make the server a better place!

This contest is well deserved and hope as many players as possible partakes in this exciting contest!

Now onto what this contest is all about.

The contest will be "build" based where players will showcase their plots to show off their creative creations for our lovely Joey to rate and decide the best one to receive a prize!

There will be
3 winners that each receive a separate prize

1st place: $100 Store Credit

2nd place: $50 Store Credit

3rd place: $25 Store Credit

How to enter (Fill out this form and post on this thread) :

Plot coordinates (Ex: 1;1):
Image(s) of your plot (Multiple pictures are encouraged):

Example of a contest entry:

IGN: Jaii
Plot coordinates: (0;0)
Image(s) of your plot:

Brianb here to bring you another huge OFFICIAL Announcement to showcase our new CandyCraft Skyblock Server!

Say good bye to only having the option to play prison or creative mode and say hello to Skyblock!

Imagine you're stranded on a floating island with very limited resources and you must expand your island into your very own empire.

Figure out smart ways to use your limited resources to reproduce building material, food, etc to survive while you're stranded on the island.

Tired of being a loner?

Don't worry you can create an island with other people to recruit to your team and survive/build together!

Want to bring attention to your Island? If your Island is in the top 10 list it will be showcased at the Skyblock spawn.

What are you waiting for?

Hop onto the CandyCraft Skyblock server by picking it in one of the servers located in the Cookie Server Selector!

See ya there and more servers are COMING SOON!

List of commands:
  • /is (Opens the Island GUI)
  • /is go (Teleport to your Island)
  • /is controlpanel or cp [on/off] (Also opens the Island GUI)
  • /is restart (Made a s**t*y Island? Restart with a brand new one to f**k up with)
  • /is sethome (Set your teleport for the /is GUI)
  • /is level (Find out your Island level)
  • /is level <player> (See another players Island level cause you're nosy as f**k)
  • /is top (See the top islands made by the biggest tryhards)
  • /is warps (List all available Island warps)
  • /is warp <player> (Warp to another players Island)
  • /is team (View your team info)
  • /is invite <player> (Invite a player to join your Island to make it look like you have friends)...

Hey guys! Brianb here to finally announce the long awaited launch of the CandyCraft Network where all your diabetic dreams come true.

First of all let me introduce myself, my name is Brianb and I will be working as the Community Manager for this network. I will be dealing with everything community related and pretty much just making sure all players enjoy their stay in the CandyCraft server.

Are you tired of the lack of variety in most servers? Well you came to the right place! Our network consists of 3 sweet filled servers. When you join the server, you will be automatically put into the “Hub” where it acts as the lounge for all the players of CandyCraft to socialize and to meet your fellow CandyCraft community players. We think it’s very important for a close community to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

Now let’s move onto to the second server which can be accessed through your server selector known as your “cookie” which is located in your inventory. You will find that the second server is a prison server where you will mine as much candy as you can to level up the stats for your pickaxe, pet, and most importantly yourself as well as earning enough money to work your way out of the CandyCraft prison. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the rules to avoid unnecessary punishment.

Finally we have the CandyCraft creative server for people who want to show off their candy filled imaginations. You can build from a gingerbread house, chocolate fountain, or a jolly rancher monument! The possibilities are endless! Again, make sure to read the rules of each server to make sure everyone experience on the server is a positive one! =D

Still confused on some areas of the server? Don’t be afraid to contact me for any questions that you might have! That is what I’m here for! Thanks for taking the time to read this and make sure to enjoy your stay on the new CandyCraft network!