17th May 2017 - Network Updates

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    Greetings Everyone!

    I'm sure as you are all aware, our good man @Redmancometh is back with us which obviously means more updates are about to release for our beautiful network. In fact, today on the 17th of May 2017 we did a lot of work and managed to get through a lot of the problems within the network along with the release of our brand new rank "SugarLord"

    Firstly, before I mention about the Network Updates lets get through the update regarding the new rank shall we?
    • Prefix: [SugarLord]
    • /warp SugarLord (Prison) - Each block sells for $430,000. That's $40,000 more than CandyKing!
    • SugarLord has a 1.8x Sell Multiplier in Prison.
    • Ability to use the omnitool on Skyblock (Yes, we added an omnitool)
    • Higher Protection on both Skyblock & Prison with better items!
    Now the brand new rank is out and mentioned, lets move on to the updates!
    We have introduced the following commands to our network!​
    • /marry - Marry a player of your choice, not gender specific either!
    • /divorce - Divorce your spouse, this won't take any of their belongings.. just their heart.
    • /mm - Send a marriage message to your spouse.
    • /seen - Check your join ID and when someone was last online/or if they are online and where.
    • /ping - The ability to view your ping and other players pings whilst playing. You can judge your opponent in PvP with this as well.
    • /blocks - This is a command available on Skyblock only and will convert 9 ingots into 1 block for you as long as you have the necessary materials.
    • /ignore - Ability to ignore certain players, this will stop their messages from being seen on your clientside however they can still see your messages.
    • /unignore - Ability to remove players from your ignore list.
    • Added "SkySell" ability to the Skyblock shop. With this you can basically sell a chest of contents no matter the item, as long as its on the /shop
    • Added the "Koala Claw" to the SugarLord rank, mentioned above.
    • Lucky Slime Blocks are reintroduced to the network with a random spawn rate within mines.
    • Removed the VolcanicCrates system that kept popping up uninvited on Skyblock.
    • Blocked the "God Apple" ability to be crafted, only way to obtain God Apples now are to get them from kits.
    • Removed the ability to Salvage & Repair on Skyblock via mcMMO.
    Plenty more updates coming in the upcoming weeks, glad to see the continued support and love from you all I hope you stick with us whilst we continue to update your network!

    Kindest Regards,
    @Jaii & @Redmancometh
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  2. Ooh hype!!!!
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  3. Very sexy. Loving the new updates. ❤️
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  4. I've really been enjoying the updates so far!!!
  5. The SugarLord rank sounds awesome! Might have to invest :p
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