_SimplyMeatball_'s Punishment Appeal

Discussion in 'Denied Appeals' started by _SimplyMeatball_, May 12, 2019.


Should we accept this ban appeal?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. Your Minecraft Username _SimpylMeatBall_

    Enter the date and reason of your punishment. May 12, 2019

    Why should you be unbanned / unmuted? Because I thought The reset was Glolable unban And I checked it and I say ImStanUp blacklisted I was confused I dont have that ign anymore I Told a staff To get myself banned I Am guilty For not knowing
  2. Hi @_SimplyMeatball_
    You are blacklisted on our server. Blacklisted members are the only members that do NOT get unbanned. From what I believe you are saying, you logged on and was later blacklisted.

    I am going to deny your appeal because you were banned by console, for Blacklisted. I would say that you would need to talk to an admin such as @Sevenous or @y0dabr0 about your ban. Appealing here will just get you denied, since you are a blacklisted player.

    I personally like your honestly, and players have gotten unblacklisted in the past, it is just something you will have to talk to a higher up about.

    Appeal Denied and archived.
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