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  1. Howdy lads! The name's Chris.
    Some of you might already know me, but it's most likely that you don't, as I've only been here for about 3 days. It's been quite a fun ride!
    Currently at the age of 16, about to go to uni. (Yep...)
    I'm born in the Netherlands and still live here. Could be quite the boring country sometimes. For length, let's not start about that.. I'm under 165cm.
    I've got a ton of hobbies, but I usually keep it at my 2 favorite ones: Volleyball and scout things. I've been playing volleyball for about 6 years, which might sound like a ton but it doesn't feel like that. Apparently I'm kinda good at it, seeing I got selected to be in one of the national youth teams. However, I decided for myself to keep it fun and casual.
    The other hobby of mine is scouting. I love discovering new things. I haven't been a scout for as long, only 2 years. Even though I might only do it for a couple of years, I'm already a qualified first aid giver (idk what you call it? Giver? Aider? Helper?).

    That's it for now, I don't want to make it too long. I'm open for conversations and questions, so be sure to ask them in the comments!
  2. did i hear bear
  3. yeya! DA BEAR!
  4. Hello,

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