A Beginner's guide to Prison 2!

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    First off I'd like to state that a lot of the format will be moved off of @0101101011's Prison1 guide which can be viewed here. Thanks for writing the guide for the first Prison @0101101011!

    Let's get straight off into the basics. When you first join the server you will be greeted with a select bunch of holograms that describe how the server runs and what to first do. Read those and then continue to do (/warp a) and start mining. Every single mine has 4 merchants inside of it, right click them to sell your inventory.
    If you are a donor rank I'd highly suggest you instantly use all of your kits and sell all of your pets as later in the game they will most likely be worthless and you'll need the ETokens now (If you don't have a donor rank purchase one here). Below will be information about each of the features in this installment of Prisons.


    ETokens are a vital part of prison as you will use them to increase the flow of money you receive. They can be gained via mining, fishing, buying them off of players, kits, voting, and much more! You are given one EToken for every single 3k blocks mined and you can spend them using (/etshop). You can spend your ETokens for enchants on your Armor, omnitool, or tools or spend them on upgrading your pets.

    EToken Enchants


    Allows the omnitool to break blocks faster (Max level 150)
    (I'd suggest you bump this up to level 25 and nothing more after that)


    Increases drops per block broken (Max level 200)
    (This is a must need enchant if you'd like to maximize the flow of money you receive)


    Chance to clear one whole layer of the mine (Max level 100)


    Spawn TnT explosions as you mine (Max level 150)
    (This is a must need enchant if you'd like to maximize the flow of money you receive)


    Allows you to run faster while using your omnitool (Max level 5)


    Allows you to swing your omnitool faster (Max level 5)


    Chance to sell a block for 2x its value (Max level 150)
    (This is a must need enchant if you'd like to maximize the flow of money you receive)

    Auto Sell:

    Every 6 seconds you will sell 3x block, upgradeable based on your level (Max level 150)


    Chance to shoot a laser that mines out in all directions and doesn't stop until it hits the mine's edge or air (Max level 100)

    (These are the main enchants. The rest can be found via /etshop in game including fishing enchants, PvP enchants, and more.)

    Ranking up and Prestiging

    Being in any of the top 10 lists in the (/leaderboard) is the main focus of the gamemode but the most important one seems to be prestiging. When looking in chat you may see a player with "[5/W]" in front of their name or something similar. This means they are 5th prestige rank W
    Upon prestiging for the first time you will receive 1x "Prestige Crate Key" and 1x "The Prestige Backpack" as well as a 0.1x sell multi. After you prestige for the first time you won't receive a prestige backpack until 5x, 10x, 15x. etc. The ranking system works like a level up system, you can (/rankup) from A -> Z and then once you reach Z you can prestige (/prestige)



    When you're playing you may notice you will need backpacks to mine. There is several types of backpacks, each holding a different amount of space. At (/spawn) you can find a NPC where you can purchase and then sell backpacks, these will cost you your precious ETokens.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    There are some backpacks that can be given to you in your donorkitonce if you have a rank (/kit)


    A big part of this Prisons installment is "plots". A plot is a claimable area where you can build just about anything you desire. You can store items here, host skin comps, create large builds, and much more. To claim your very own plot do (/warp plots) and proceed to do (/plot auto), this will instantly claim a plot that can be viewed by other players. If you need plot help you can do (/plot help 1-7).
    (44 x 44)

    (I know there is some stuff missing from here, as I don't have the official percentages and screenshots for them. This guide should prove well enough to get a new player started on their Prison2 journey though :) )
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    (Edit: Added a "Plots" section to the guide)
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