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  1. I just want to share some past of me with everyone show people can connect with me more. I am currently 12 years old and in the seventh grade. BUT! I have been titled one of the smartest 12 year olds on the face of this Earth and I have talked with the college I want to go to when I grow older. I am fluent in chinese so if anyone can speak chinese, I'll understand :). I want to pursue a dream of becoming an Atmospheric and Geographic scientist aka a weather man. If anyone has any questions about me or whatever, just ask! Thanks!!
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  2. by ur mom i bet l0l
  3. By my 7th grade science teacher tyvm
  4. same
  5. Nice to meet you! ^-^
  6. Nice to meet you, sounds like you've chosen a very interesting career path. Goodluck bud!
  7. Nice to meet ya! :D
  8. Which dialect of Chinese? There's four major ones and two minor dialects that are almost not recognized.

    Great to see a youth with a passion for science. Like many warm blooded male youths I only paid attention when reactions were visible or volatile.

    I had the pleasure of spending some time with you as you joined and I've seen you continue to grow on the server. Keep on keeping on and thanks for joining our community.
  9. Litski big man hope I see you around :cool:
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