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    Allowed & Disallowed Modifications List
    Last Updated : 10.7.18
    Before using any modifications on our server, make sure that this modification:
    - Does not give any client-based advantages. This means no movement improvements, knowledge improvements, etc.
    - If you aren't sure if a modification is or isn't allowed, do NOT use it - instead ask a staff member.
    - Using any blacklisted modifications will result in a ban from Skyblocky according to punishment times listed in the main rules document.

    Do you want to use a modification that is not on this list? Contact @Evergreen with this:
    - The Mod name:
    - The Post Link: (Provide an URL to the thread, available on the Minecraft Forums)
    - Short Description:

    Allowed Modifications


    • Modloader
    • Forge
    • SquidHQ
    • Damage Indicators
    • MiniMaps
    • Replay Mod
    • WorldDownload
    • Better Sprinting (Any mod with toggleable sprint is allowed. Toggle sneak is not allowed.)
    • Schematic – Printer is NOT allowed!
    • Optifine
    • Shaders
    • TMI (Too Many Items) & NEI (Not Enough Items)
    • Armour HUD, Potion HUD, Status Effects
    • Coordinates Mod
    • Mouse Tweaks & Inventory Tweaks
    • LabyMod (Official Release) - downloading external mods from its download platform does not count as solely using LabyMod.
    • 5zig
    • FastCraft
    • Chat Companion
    • Gamma
    • Brightness
    • Batty's Mod
    • Keystrokes Mod
    • Speedometer & other mods which show player speed.
    • Auto-reconnect Mod

    Disallowed Modifications


    • Autoclickers - Includes both clients and taping down mouse / keys to auto-click. Also applies to auto-fishing, auto-mining, auto-building (placing / removing) or anything else automatic.
    • Hacked Clients & Ghost Clients, including but not limited to:
      • Injectable Clients
      • Vape Clients
      • ANY modification which gives an advantage over others in PvP or otherwise.
    • Macros of all types, including but not limited to:
      • Mining Macros
      • Bots
      • Scripts
      • Chat Macros
    • X-Ray
    • Printer Mod – This is part of Schematica, this needs to be disabled whilst on Skyblocky!
    • Smart Moving
    • Toggle Jump & Toggle Sneak
    • AutoFishing
    • AutoSalvaging
    • AutoFarming
    • Fly
    • Picture in Picture Mod
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  2. Update - 2.25.18

    Auto-reconnect mods are now disallowed. These let you automatically reconnect to Skyblocky if you are kicked or lag out for some reason.
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  3. Update - 5.1.18

    Speedometer and other mods which show the speed at which you're moving are now allowed. And, to clarify a point of confusion (though it is advertisement) the Badlion client is allowed, except with using togglesneak or flybooster. If you have any questions about this, feel free to message me.
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