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    Edit: Never did return like I said I would, haha. Sorry about that just checking in again how is everyone?

    So apparently I am here, hello!

    Long time no see (used to staff Skyblocky, and MCPrison.)

    Been apart of Serayne/Sciatis's servers for around 3+ years now it's good to see everyone again. :)
  2. Welcome Back Andrew!
  3. Welcome back to Candycraft!
  4. Welcome back to Candycraft! Hope you have a great time here! :)
  5. Welcome back to CandyCraft. :)
  6. Hello @ImJustAndrew! I am glad to see that you are back. Welcome back to Candy Craft! :D
  7. Aye, long time no see.
  8. Woah I am late.

    Welcome back Andrew! Haven't seen you in forever :eek:
  9. Welcome, hope you enjoy your time on CandyCraft!
  10. I remember you from MCP when I was first a staff there. Wow, been quite a while. Welcome back.
  11. What's good bro
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  12. Oh yo what's good Andrew. Doubt you remember me. Long time no see
  13. Welcome back Andrew.
  14. Thanks.

    Bumping this post since I'm just checking in again, hi everyone.
  15. Try not to post on threads older than one month, thank you.

    Thread locked.
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