Any new project ideas I'm running out of ideas

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what should I do

  1. I already have a villy grinder. should I invest into more?

  2. Build fun stuff

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  1. So basically I have this huge plot and i have nothing to do with it. What should I build next?
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  2. Thanks for the idea bearbee11 i might do that
  3. There is a bunch of cool builds you could do on skyblocky, for example you could make an island dedicated towards one mindset, such as a city or a randomly generated world!
  4. I agree
  5. I would recommend working towards your villy farm, or even making a very big cactus farm. :rolleyes:
  6. I dont, sev isnt that cool.
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  7. I would have to disagree with you on that one
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  8. incorrect
  9. I think u should make a village because that is what i did.
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  10. Make from your island one MEGA cactus farm. :)
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  11. You could make some pixel art :)
  12. Make a shrine to me :)
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  13. yes
  14. do that
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  15. big agree
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  16. hes toxic & I really dont like him smh. So you guys are wrong and im right. ha!
  17. once again I will say incorrect
  18. lol sev aint toxic
  19. lol he can be.
    i disagree

    (hmm when you say you dont like sev ur posts get deleted)
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