April 24th 2017

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  1. Welcome back to CandyCraft everyone!

    Everything we have done since the return:
    • Rerouted our domain back to our network, so you can now play on mc.candycraft.org without an issue.
    • Changed our MOTD for the 25% off return sale.
    • Changed the hub, better build! Credit to @Respah @SuperNinja99 @Jaii
    • Altered how the ranking & prestige system looks on prison, looks neater now.
    • Removed Flo Auction from Skyblock, you can now use /ah.
    • Introduced CandyPoints, however we are still working on that.
    • Fixed the panel glitch with Prestige Tickets.
    • Altered /ach
    • Introduced /links.
    • Added /marry and /divorce and /mm
    • You can now do /gem to quick access the /gemshop
    • Altered how many gems you can withdraw, its no longer 100k. It's now 1million.
    • Fixed the forums, you'll no longer have issues with scrolling and viewing certain pages.
    • You no longer have to relog during /prestige times, however you do need to slow down during /rankup.
    • /withdraw now puts your funds onto a portable "Candy Banknote" that you can hand to your friends.
    Find any bugs? Report them in the bug section!

    Kindest Regards,
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