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    In Game Name

    Previous IGN's
    FALCONS8282 FALCONS8822 FalconDoesGaming

    Your Age

    What is your Skype username, and your Discord username and tag?
    Skype: PlzDontKillMe 562(with the space) Discord: PlzDontKillMe562#3606

    Time on the Server
    39 Days, 10 Hours, 48 Minutes
    A lot of this is afk time, however a good bit of it is also online time. I will stop afking if I am to get this position.

    Your Rank

    Your Time Zone
    EST (eastern time)

    How often are you online?
    I am currently off of school, in summer, so for the remainder of summer I only have 1 week in which I will be less active. For the most part, I will be on and off all day, every day for the rest of summer. During my time online, I work on my island, and help out in chat as much as I can. A good reason as to why you may see me online but not helping out would be because I am likely afk, as I used to afk when I was at school when school was active for me. If I was to get this position as staff, I would immediately stop afking. Here is my schedule for summer, followed up by a schedule for school as of this previous year. I do not know yet what my schedule will be for school the next school year, as I do not have everything planned out yet.

    For the entirety of summer, I will be active all day every day from when I wake up in the morning, usually from 7:00-10:00AM. I will be on and off from when I wake up, to when I go to sleep, usually from 10:00PM-Midnight.

    During the school year (As far as I am concerned):
    I will most likely not be able to get on in the morning as I am in a club that takes place in the morning. I may be able to hop on for a few minutes though, if necessary. Once I get home, usually around 4:30-4:45, I usually will check in on the server, go down and grab a snack and a drink, and come back up and play for an hour or so. So basically, on weekdays, I expect to be able to be on and off from when I get home to when I go to sleep, so from around 5:00PM - ~11:00PM. On the weekends, I am almost always free the entire day, meaning I will be on and off from 7:00AM-10:00AM (When I wake up) to when I go to sleep, 10:00PM - Midnight.

    What do you think being a Helper involves?
    I think that being a helper involves many things, some of which I am strong in, some of which I am weaker in, but the ones I am weaker in, I try my hardest to get better so that I can be a better person/player and be a nice guy.

    This is one of the ones I am not as strong in, but I do believe I am getting better, and have gotten better since my previous applications. I know that I do not always act like it, but I am 100% capable of taking things seriously. I can be mature, even though I do not always show it. I am not the most mature person at all times, but I do try my hardest to get better at it, both in game and in the real world. I think that being a helper involves this a ton, because you have to be mature when being a staff member. If you are goofing off, you make the rest of the team look bad, which I would hate do do.

    Being a helper involves kindness for so many reasons. I do believe I am better with this one. Being kind is very important as a staff member, and a helper, because when you are talking to players you have to be kind. If you are being rude and disrespectful, as I said in the last section, you make the staff team, and yourself look bad. Staff should be able to interact with the community, and be nice with all of them. One of the biggest parts of being staff is interacting with the community, and being kind is practically essential with that.

    This one ties in very closely with the last one. You have to be respectful as a staff member. If you are disrespectful, players will not like you, and you make yourself look bad. I take respect very seriously. Being a staff member means you have to be respectful to all players and people, no matter what. Each player is just trying to have a fun gaming experience. Being disrespectful would drag down on that, however.​

    What are your qualifications?
    I believe that I have many qualifications, that I either have, or am working on, trying to get better. I think that the qualifications I have make me fit for the job, and I am willing to take on the task. I do not have any previous staffing experience on minecraft servers, but I feel as if I have played with enough different communities, that I have a general understanding of what it takes to be a staff member.

    I may not always act like it, but I am actually pretty responsible. I am getting a lot better at this as well. I have gotten better at handling situations with more care, and not letting it get out of hand. I am well aware of the rules, as I have only 1 punishment any time recently, and I am sincerely sorry for anyone I may have disrespected in the process. I did not know that I said anything bad. However, recently my history is rather clean, having only 1 punishment since the reset, and not many right before it. I think that I am responsible enough to be a helper, and if not that I will become a lot more responsible by taking on the task.

    I think of myself as a leader. In school, I am always voted to be the leader of our group, and for a good reason. I do well in situations in which people look up to me, and this is why I think I will be good as staff. The staff play a very leader-like role on the server, in my opinion. I took many leadership classes last year and the year before that, when they became available when I began middle school/grade school. I think that being a leader is a good quality to have as a staff member.

    I think of myself as a nice guy. I will admit that I have had a few incidents in which I got upset/lost control. I understand that this is not good, in order to become staff. I do think I have gotten better at this since then, and I love being a nice person to other people. I am very familiar with the community, even if I have only been playing for a few months.

    I am a very hardworking guy. When I am given a task, I complete it (Most scenarios). I am very determined, and I think that this is a good trait to have on the staff team. I rarely give up on an important task. I believe that I will be able to get the job done as a helper, and that is what I will do if I get accepted.

    Additional Information
    My name is Will, I am 13 years old, living in Georgia, USA. I love to play video games on my PC and my PS4. The only server I play on is Skyblocky, and I love it. I love the community in which I am glad to be a part of, and I would love to become a staff member, so I can help out the server to the fullest. I am very active, because this is the only server I play on. I do not have previous staffing experience, but I would hope to change that. Getting accepted would mean a lot, and I promise not to let you all down if you decide to accept me. I know I have had a lot of iffy moments, but I have moved past that, and hope you all have as well. I believe I have progressed a lot since my first application, and my previous application. I promise to work my hardest and be the best I can be, to help out on this great server, and with this amazing community!! <3
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    Acknowledging your weaknesses is, in my opinion, an important quality for any staff member. Not all of us are perfect; recognizing our flaws and working on them is a part of the job on a daily basis.


    Edit: Upon diving into a bit of research, I'll be changing to a negative rating for as of now. Last month, you were punished twice for Disrespect and Social Media Advertisement. Although you've been clean since, which I presume is because you were on vacation, I'd like to see you stay clean for a longer period of time as these are more severe offenses, then let's say, spam.
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  3. Thanks for the reply! I hope to get to know you better in the future by the way!!! <3
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  4. Im giving you a -1 for the following reason:
    • You were on vacation and you just came back and applied. The community is always changing and you just coming back should get back into the community.
    • I don't feel comfortable having someone on the staff team that cannot keep his cool. Sadly I personally can't look past conversations that you have had to others where you were extremely disrespectful.

      In conclusion I feel you need to dive back into the community first, (You just took a long break) and perhaps keep on working on your cool in and out of game.
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    I am sorry you feel this way. I do agree that I had a few bad moments, but I assure that it will never happen again. And I also agree I maybe could have waited a little longer. Thank you though, for the reply and feedback, and I will work hard to change your rating! <3

    ***EDIT***Also I really hope I can earn your forgiveness someday <3
  6. i like cheeseburger flavoured pringles
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    EDIT: Sorry everyone, I just realized I had one other punishment, for social media advert which I am also sorry about. I meant to do it through /pm but I forgot to type the command. Sorry about giving the wrong info on the app, as it completely slipped my mind <3
  8. Greetings.

    First of all, this application is well written and very detailed. However, I agree with a lot of what Kat has said.

    I feel that if you improved on this then you would make a strong candidate to the team. Just not as of yet.
    I'm sorry that my response isn't a lot but I feel Kat has summed up my opinion perfectly.

    Good luck on your application!

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    I understand. I appreciate you taking the time to read and reply to my application, and I promise I will do my best to improve on those things. I 100% regret the things I have done in the past, and will do my best to move forward! <3
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  10. I understand. Hope that I can get you to change your rating someday <3
  11. Hi, I dont usually see you help out much in the chat. However, you are a nice and friendly person! :)

    Good luck on you application!
  12. Thanks for the reply! I will try to help out more, but most of the times in which I do, you may not be on.
  13. -12

    You may be wondering why I have rated this with a -12. Well let me enlighten you. I read your staff application and thought that you would not be good staff and therefore I rated the application in question with a -12. Have a good day.
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  14. Umm ok. Thank you for reading the application, and maybe I can earn a positive rating someday?
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  15. I'm going to have to agree with @EwItsKat. I do however believe you would become a great future candidate for the staff team. I good trait/skill to have as a staff member is to always remain calm and respectful. We can't have staff members being rude to players as it 1 sets a bad example for the server ,and 2 can easily cause unwanted drama. I believe if you can improve on that you would be a great future candidate for the staff team.
    Nevertheless I wish you the best of luck- Hushy
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    Thank you for taking your time to reply, I too agree with you both. I am working on trying to become more respectful and trying to clear my name. I do admit, that is my biggest flaw, and I am working to improve on it.
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  17. Greetings -

    @EwItsKat and @DyDuwChi have summed up all negative points I would make on this application. However I do see that you're attempted to help more in-game and that you've improved greatly on your last application. Best of luck next time! :)

    Application denied.
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