Automatic mob farms

Discussion in 'Skyblocky Discussion' started by Boburbob, May 14, 2018.


Should I create a thread about automatic farms/grinders?

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  1. YES!!! Do it right now!

  2. Sure

  3. No

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  4. Why would we need one of those??

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  5. I don't really care what you do

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  1. Just wondering how many people need help with making a mob grinder or auto cactus farm to see if we need a thread about creating them in the guide section.
  2. I know how to make them but others in the past have asked in chat how to make one. I would say to go ahead and make a guide, unless one has already been made. :)
  3. Nine times out of ten someone in chat is asking for help to build one, but most of the time these people don’t actually use the forums. Either way, I still think making a guide would be a good idea lol

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