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Discussion in 'Denied Appeals' started by BlasterGunNL, Jul 12, 2018.

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  1. In-game name: BlasterGunNL
    Date of initial punishment: JULY 12TH 2018
    Number/type of previous punishments: 1
    Who were you punished by and for what duration?: Demigodishness 15 days
    Reason of punished: Blacklisted modification // killaura

    Why should my appeal be accepted?
    I got banned for killaura today but i didn't even use killaura. The person said stop using killaura to me just becouse i killed him after that message i got team killed by everyone in the pvp and i saw a mod spying on me the whole time. If you guys think its true i should first get a kick + a warn and if they don't stop i should give them a ban what fits with what they did wrong
  2. The rules say that it's a 15d ban first, then a perm ban afterwards.

    Using Blacklisted Modifications (Hacking)

    [] 15 Day Ban [] Permanent Ban

    Using any of the modifications listed as disallowed here. Remember, it’s up to the discretion of our staff to whether a hacked client is in use, however, all staff below administrator must have proof of a ban.
  3. @BlasterGunNL

    As you don't seem apologetic and don't want to admit to using kill aura I am sorry to say that I see no reason to unban you at this time.

    Appeal Denied.
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