Ban & Mute Report Template - Read before reporting!

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    Please use the following template before reporting any players:

    Username(s) of player(s) reporting:
    Evidence (Videos or picture links):
    Key Times (If its a video):
    Reason for reporting:
    Your Minecraft Username:

    To create a player report, click here:

    Please note the following guidelines:

    It's fine to PM a staff member via Discord or otherwise a report rather than making a thread here.

    Generally, video evidence is required for the following offenses:

    Scamming (In-Game & IRL)
    Exploiting / Abusing Bugs / Intentionally Causing Lag
    Hacking / Using any Blacklisted Modifications
    Unfair Usage of Alternate Accounts
    TP Trapping / TP Killing / Portal Trapping / Warp Trapping / Other Traps
    Void Jumping in PVP
    Avoiding AFK Kick

    Any other reasons you may supply a screenshot / picture / image as evidence.

    Screenshots with areas that are cropped or edited will not be accepted. This includes cropping parts / not using the full screenshot, editing or drawing and including text, boxes or pictures over the original screenshot. This is to prevent any faked screenshots to purposely get another player into trouble.


    Thank you for helping keep our community clean and toxic-free!

    If you have any further questions, PM a staff member.
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