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    Hey guys,
    I'm making this thread for any new players, and potential "OG" players of skyblocky.
    My name is Anzias, or Ryan, I'm 14 and have played Skyblocky since 2015, Back when it wasn't even skyblock. I logged on last week to start playing again and realised I need to start from scratch, and find away to get some moolah in my bank account.
    Over the past week I have found that 2 of the most Efficient money making farms are:
    Cactus, Sells for over $1,100,000 a chest. (Depends on the rank you have to improve the $$)
    Villager, Sells for 1,800,000 a chest, Again depends on the rank you have to improve the $.
    TIP FOR VILLAGERS. Emerald ingots are 3,888 for 9, Blocks are 4,860 each so convert ingots into blocks for better value.

    Trust me, Start with cactus and work on making your farm bigger and bigger everyday. then you can afford villagers.
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  2. sir cactus doesnt sell for that much it sells for 1.1 mil
  3. True XD thanks
  4. Thanks!
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  5. yes nice sir
  6. VILLIGER VILLIGER VILLIGER thats hiw you make moneupy , am I right @Pyrotechnic
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  7. same
  8. Good money making guide. What did you play on in 2015-2016? It's cool and quite hard to meet new people that are still active from that time.
  9. I played Hazard? Just when it was a factions server
  10. This is helpful!:)
  11. This reset was extremely easy to make money on but this is a nice guide nonetheless! After obtaining your first villager spawner, you only need 7 or 8 double chests of diamonds and emeralds to acquire another spawner. I do not know what the next reset is going to be like, but if you are going to make another guide on it, I will happily read over it. :b
  12. Since The Recent Reset, The Prices Have Been Changed! The Best And Easiest Thing To Sell Now Is EnderPearls Which Now Sell Of 375 So 75 Bucks More Expensive than Cactus. You Earn Around 530k From A Single Chest Full Of Cactus And Enderpearls are around 537k So That Little Bit Extra Can Go A Long Way!

    -Tomsmal/ JesusChrist
  13. Maybe it's because I'm late to this post but just playing on skyblocky again I made a huge cacti farm and used villys and made no money and I was pro+ / koala I made a new island and used eman and that actually raised my money
  14. you ever just lock this thread because its more than a month old @TJeye
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