big cactus farm

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  2. replace with normal hoppers nerd
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  3. that won't work. It literally only works with crOp hoppers :/
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  4. sucks
  5. I say destroy it and make one with regular hoppers and once again become a functioning member of society!
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  6. Never build a farm that is dependent on plugins. My cactus farm is several times larger than yours and I still I could only imagine the pain.
  7. Update: I would now recommend using packed ice and water to launch the cactus fast towards the single hopper going into the chest (like shown in the screenshot
    -Tomsmal/ Jesus Christ

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    What i would do is get a bunch of hoppers and individually connect them to a ton of chests. You can get twice the amount of cactus if you use that method.

    Does it depend if you build the crop farm on a automatically updating modpack?
  9. necroposting and double posting @TJeye get on it
  10. Please don’t nexropost as it is against the forum rules. It is very clear to myself and the rest of the staff team you are doing this to gravedig posts to get a better chance at becoming a staff member.

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