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Discussion in 'Denied' started by y0dabr0, Jun 29, 2017.


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  1. Player Info:

    • IGN: y0dabr0
    • Donor Rank: Jellybean
    • Age: 17
    • Microphone (yes/no): No
    • Ability to capture/upload videos and screenshots (yes/no): Yes
    • TimeZone: Central Standard Time
    • Previous Application Date(s): N/A

    1) What CandyCraft game mode are you most active on?

    Currently, I am most active on lollipop skyblock. However, I occasionally visit the other game modes in order to gain the full candycraft experience.

    2) How much time can you contribute to the role?

    I can contribute to this role whenever I am needed. Due to being on summer vacation, there is a significant amount of free time on my hands, which I can use to assist the server at any point during the day for multiple hours at a time. My level of activity will most likely decrease once the new school year arrives, though, because of the increasing importance of college preparation and the dedication required to maintain a high grade point average. Despite this, I can be available for a few hours a day to provide assistance and contributions where it is necessary.

    3) Do you have any past experience? If so explain

    I have not previously held a staff position on any online server. However, I am very experienced in leadership roles and skilled in different communication techniques. In the past, I’ve held various leadership roles in different organizations, such as the boy scouts of America and a local church youth group, that required me to uphold a certain standard and reinforce it throughout our community. I was also involved in a Japanese government-sponsored event that promoted diplomatic relations between our two countries, which taught me how to communicate effectively with others even when there are language barriers present. I believe these aspects are well-representative of the experience that I can bring to the server.

    4) Why do you think you are eligible for staff?

    During my time playing minecraft, I have learned most of the basic aspects of the game, such as farming for food, mining for minerals, and hunting horrid mobs. Combined with what I have learned from playing here, I believe I have a broad repertoire of skills to draw upon when helping other players.

    Outside of minecraft, people describe me as a helpful, hard-working, selfless individual who values team success over personal achievements. As a basketball player, I understand the importance of starring in your own role in order to benefit the whole team. Whether it’s being the Michael Jordan star of the roster, or being the Dennis Rodman utility player, every position is vital in ensuring that the organization achieves success. I plan to bring the same team-first mentality to the staff leadership should I be accepted.

    5) Why do you want to be staff?

    I would like to be a staff member because I enjoy helping people and believe I can contribute a unique skill set to both the server and the staff team. Using my knowledge, I have been assisting people in various ways to help them either get started or build upon their existing resources. I also believe in keeping drama and disrespect down to a minimum, so if I end up being selected that would be among my top priorities.

    I’ve also had several people tell me I should apply and I thought, “why not?”


    1) You accidentally mute the wrong player, what would you do?

    First, if I am able to do so, I would remove the mute from the player. Then I would go through the necessary steps to explain the situation to higher-up staff and request that the mute be removed from his/her record. After that I would make sure to apologize to the player while clarifying any confusion that may have ensued from the incident. I would then mute the player that was meant to receive the punishment once I have confirmed that he/she was indeed deserving of it.

    2) You suspect a player is hacking, how do you handle this?

    If I suspected a player was hacking, I would pay closer attention to said player and notify other staff members of my suspicion. Then I would begin to record this player while documenting any and all evidence of hacking. After I have obtained the proof I would report it to the staff above me and follow the needed procedures to carry out the consequences/ punishments.

    3) You catch one of your friends exploiting, what would you do?

    If I caught one of my friends doing such a thing, I would give them a verbal warn. If they continue their unruly actions, I would swiftly carry out the punishment on them while explaining the reasoning behind it. If they were truly a friend of mine, then they would understand why I had to do what I did. If they don’t, then they were never a friend to begin with.

    Feel free to add anything you want at the bottom of these questions, note that only what is above is required and anything extra is up to you. Good Luck!
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  2. looks good! ur a great person and should def be staff! good luck!
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  3. Thx fox, I appreciate that
  4. Overall pretty good app. But you joined forums just today get used to forums for a bit and to be eligible for staff you must have posted at least 20 legit posts. :)
  5. fyi, he has been writing this for three days, just took him that long to type it up xD he wanted to get all the right words
  6. +1 Great application! It's rare for you not to be online which is very good! You're extremely active,helpful and nice. You know a lot about cc and about skyblock contraptions lol. I'd love to see you apart of the team one day :)
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  7. That doesn't play into forum experience I didnt have anything against the app. Just thought he might need a bit more experience on forums
  8. Thank you guys for the feedback. I will try my best to be as active as possible on here too.
  9. ya smrg, he has been on forums a lot, reading things, but nvr made an acc! he actually has been on forums for quite a while, just never making himself known! hope this helps!
  10. (I dont have anything against br0 just saying before I say this) but the application form says you need 20 real posts on the forums.
  11. this is tru. regardless, he is very helpful and deserves helper way more than i do! i hope he gets it, and smrg, u done good!
  12. and an fyi, i do mean "done good" and not "done goof" lol, i have nothin againist smrg
  13. also, dont mean to offend anybody here, but a lot of ppl who have applyied (including myself) dont actually have 20 quality posts! most of mine are me rambling so, ya. anyway, hope this clears this up! gl br0!
  14. Stop double and triple posting, know what you want to say and post it. Use the edit button if you are too scatter minded to remember to do that.

    Also bro has been super friendly in game to me, +1
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  15. Thanks HXAVEN
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  16. Great app and you are a great person. I see you on the server fairly often and you are always helpful! Just make sure to try to get into the forums more fairly quickly and I know that you would be great for staff!
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  17. Thanks Roger! lol I'll definitely be getting more involved with forums in the near future.
  18. I believe you are very qualified to be a staff member. You have helped the community so much and many different ways. Not only that, you're very mature and never toxic. Majority of people on the server believe the same too. About the forums thing, there was recently a staff member that was hired that just joined 2.0, that staff member is lovely in all ways and such. But, I believe since they still accepted her when she just joined that they should make this small exception for him too. That's my thought on it, if I'm wrong please correct me. But I do believe this is a very good application and that you would be a wonderful addition to the team! +1
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  19. About time...

    Told ya to get active on Forums M8.

    Build that presence, you are staff material to me.

    Something a lot of people in CC don't know. Br0~ has been a great friend and we've done tons of low key project together. More than often I'm hiding on his island when I need some peace and quiet.

    Humble, gracious, coachable, and has demonstrated a level of maturity suited to represent the server.

    Thank you for identifying real life experiences that align with values/knowledge needed to be on a team.

    +1 here.
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  20. Great application. Very, very active. Helpful when needed. Also, friendly to everyone in game. +1 from me! Good luck!!
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