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Discussion in 'Fixed Bug Reports' started by AnjerBloem, Jun 11, 2018.

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  1. Your Minecraft Username

    Date of when you first experienced this bug
    Jun 9, 2018

    How can we reproduce this bug? (Explain step by step)
    Step 1: Go to minecrafthub.com/server/skyblocky/vote
    Step 2: Click on "Im not a robot"
    Step 3: Add your name
    Step 4: Press "Vote for server"
    The new page doesn't load after this. It should say "Thanks for your vote"

    Describe the bug and supply any additional information
    The voting page doen't load after voting. Not in Chrome and not in Microsoft Edge

    Supporting Documentation (Picture, Video, Screenshot)
  2. It worked successfully for me so I'm not sure why your's didn't work.

    Also this isn't an issue SkyBlocky can fix because Minecrafthub is not owned by SkyBlocky.
  3. I've tried the website 5 min ago and it works for me now as well. Thank you for checking IronBlitz01.
  4. No problem!

    @Hijackninja13 @y0dabr0
    Please lock this bug report.
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