[] Bug Report - Incorrect Balance.

Discussion in 'Pending Bug Reports' started by KEV_D_KILLER, Jun 25, 2018.

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    Date of when you first experienced this bug
    Jun 24, 2018

    How can we reproduce this bug? (Explain step by step)
    I'm not sure exactly, but it has to do with something about /ah.
    Step 1: I auctioned my diamond blocks in /ah
    Step 2: Another player purchased my diamond blocks
    Step 3: I can see the I guess "transaction" being made in the chat box, saying that someone has purchased my diamond blocks for x amount of money.
    Step 4: My balance did not go up one penny, it stayed the same when I should've gained a few million.

    Describe the bug and supply any additional information
    First time this has ever happened to me. Relogging and doing /bal to see if its a visual glitch does not work either. So it has to be a bug right?

    Supporting Documentation (Picture, Video, Screenshot)
    Unfortunately due to messaging staff/relogging and such, I wasn't able to get any screenshots of the situation because the chat box had already passed up the purchases.

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