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  1. Hey!

    Some of you may know me as I’m mod on another one of Chris’ servers, Arkham. I’ve been staff on Arkham for about 5 months.

    I’ve been coming on skyblocky daily recently so thought I’d introduce myself to any players that may not know me. I come on skyblocky discord regularly too, so you may see me on there.

    I believe I’m a chill person who is easily approachable as if my kind hearted nature, if you ever need anything, just let me know.

    If you have any questions, feel free to comment and I’ll respond.
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  2. I hate you go away you smelly meanie

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  3. Welcome to the server caallum, I hope you enjoy your time here. If you ever need help just hit me up or another staff, hope to see you around! :D
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  4. Aye Callum what up? Welcome to Skyblocky?? Even though I already know you lmao. See you around! :)
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  5. Hey Callum whats up talk to you soon I hope yay woo
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  6. Yes hello, Callum you're coolkid so teach me so I can be coolkid too.
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  7. Welcome! Always cool to see staff from Serayne's other servers.

    Except for maybe @IHackedJake.
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  8. Hello Callum! Welcome to Skyblocky, cool to see some other staff! Look forward to seeing you around! :D
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  9. you smeello, although it is really nice meeting you!
  10. Hello Callum! Welcome to Skyblocky. :)
  11. Hi Caallum! Sorry I've been a bit late to respond, but it's nice to see you come by! Hope you enjoy Skyblocky! :)
  12. Hiyaaa Callum!! Happy to see you here! You are an amazing person to talk to! ^-^ (also: loul xD)
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  13. Callum you are bae <3 JK well not JK idk anyway welcome to skyblocky officially xD catch you around :)
  14. Welcome to Skyblocky, Caallum! :D
  15. harshly offended
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  16. I really like your profile picture. is it a doggo!?

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