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    Good evening everyone!

    Due to the recent return of CandyCraft, we have decided to reset all servers besides Creative and we have revamped a few things within prison, this thread shall clear everything up for you before the opening of our very own Candy Prison!

    ~~~~~ Changes ~~~~~
    Removed "Candy Money Balls"
    [P/R] Prestige/MineRank - Example: Prestige 4 / mine plumtrees would be [4/PlumTrees]
    Changed the way to get Particles, soon to be announced.
    Changed the "PlayerVaults" to "CandyVaults"
    Changed how many gems you can withdraw at once - Being 1,000,000 now instead of 100,000.
    Changed all pet names - Example: Wolfiea to Dexter.
    Finders Keepers & Candy Explosion kits now give 5,000 gems instead of 10,000 each.
    Crates now have new rewards.
    Removed the "Lucky Slime Blocks"
    Changed the "Common Bomb Kit" to "Candy Bomb Kit"
    Changed the "Uncommon Bomb Kit" to "Spare Bomb Kit"
    Changed the "Rare Bomb Kit" to "Nuke Bomb Kit"

    ~~~~~ Bug Fixes ~~~~~
    Unlimited Health Mobs - Now limited health.
    iWin Bomb not giving money - Now gives money.
    Added an alias for /gemshop - Usage: /gem
    Having to relog per prestige - No longer have to relog per prestige.

    ~~~~~ Additions ~~~~~
    /withdraw <amount> - Removes your balance and puts it into a "Candy Bank Note"

    Now, for those that bought the old bomb kits I have a solution for that, because you won't have what you bought, same goes for pets. Simply PM me with your transaction ID and IGN that you used to purchase the Pet/Kit and I'll replace it with a voucher for the exact price you paid for that item.

    I hope to see you all on our new prison with all of our newest changes, any troubles just privately message an Admin or myself and we'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

    Kindest Regards, Jaii (CandyCraft Administration)
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