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    Greetings CandyCrafters!

    Along with the much-anticipated release of Candy Prison (view more information here) I am excited to announce our very first competition on CC 2.0. Similar to previous competitions this one will be a building competition. However this time around the rewards will be much sweeter, we are looking for talented builders to decorate the plot world spawn on Candy Prison if you haven’t noticed already we have claimed the 16 plots surrounding /plots. These will be reserved for competition winners and talented builders.

    In celebration CandyCraft reopening we want to see your sweetest most delicious builds. Showcase your building skills by creating something in the prison plot world with a candy theme, be creative with how you incorporate this into your builds. Submissions will close on May 15th at 10:00 pm GMT Good luck!

    Server: Prison
    Theme: Candy
    Closing Date: May 10th 2017
    Prizes: top 3 will each get one of the sixteen spawn plots

    Submit your entries in the comments section using this format:

    Plot ID:
    Pictures: (multiple pictures encouraged)

    Plot ID: 0;1
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  2. Cool!! Hype you know Ima build a bootfyful plot
  3. Good Luck to those who enter!
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  4. lol no ones entering bc its plots u win not vouchers greedy pplz
  5. Good luck to all that participate! :)
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  6. Good luck to all who participate! ;)
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