Carp_Master ban appeal

Discussion in 'Accepted Appeals' started by Carp_Master, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. In Game Name: Carp_Master
    Date of Initial Punishment: July 11th 2018
    Number/Type of Previous Punishments: None
    Who were you punished by and for what duration?: TotalledZebra 15 days
    Reason of punishment: Blacklisted Modification // AFK mining
    Why should your appeal be accepted? I don't/didn't use any mods of any sort. I did afk mine but I think I should've received a warning of some sort rather than a ban. No where did it listed the usage of afk mining on the server and I also did just donated roughly 40$.
  2. AFK Mining of any kind is not allowed you may refer to the rules and Allowed/Disallowed Mods link Below.

    Since it is your First offense I will lower your ban to 3 days, Please note We will not be as lenient next time.

    List of allowed/disallowed Mods can be found here.

    Appeal Accepted.

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