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Discussion in 'Denied' started by Caypex, Jul 8, 2018.

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  1. What is your in-game-name?:
    How long have you been playing Skyblocky?:
    Since January 2017 and quit when it was called something diffirent or whatever but im back
    What is your YouTube Channel name?:
    What is your YouTube Channel URL?:
    Tell us a bit about yourself and your YouTube channel! What content do you currently create, and what are your plans for if you were to receive the Youtube rank?:
    Well, my name is Conner or Caypex whatever you prefer and I will totally tell you about myself! I started my channel back in 2016 December and was playing Cubecraft and Skyblocky at the time what grew my channel to 2000 subscribers and I only really do live streams but if needed I can do videos but prefer streams on Youtube. I am a really old Minecraft player 2012 and I love to be helpful in the Minecraft community instead of toxic (I am only toxic if people are annoying me). What I stream right now is Hypixel, Cubecraft, PokeMayhem, and starting to stream Skyblocky soon! I was know as ConnerGreninja back on Skyblocky when I only had around 200 subscribers and was only 12 at the time but I am 14 now and I have matured and changed to be less toxic in the Minecraft/Skyblock community.
    I am willing to upload videos about the server if needed to showcase updates or show off updates and more if you would like me to. I love Skyblocky and missed it and now I am ready to come back to it. I will be planning on trying to make better content with the rank you offer to give me with what it gives me and I will try to get as many new players on the server as possible so you can get a growing community. I don't want to be paid or any sort of thing I am doing this all out of the kindness with in my heart! Well, thats some facts about me. Hope you consider accepting me and have a good rest of your night or day! :)

    - Conner or Caypex.

    P.S. I am on vacation so I will be uploading less for 3 weeks but then when I get back ill stream/upload more! Also I am home schooled so I get alot of spare time! :)
  2. Nice name brother
  3. If you get the rank I don't think you'll be able to do this. If you upload some videos of Skyblocky, you will have a higher chance to get the rank (just a tip).
  4. +1 if you upload skyblocky videos
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  5. Im going to stream in 2 hours
  6. Good to know. Might watch it.
  7. You barley fit any of the requirements, you can find them here.
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  8. Lmao -1 but nice name
  9. Hello.

    You do not meet the following requirements for the Youtube rank:

    Minimum Requirements:
    • 500+ Subscribers.
    • 500+ average views per video.
    • 5+ high-quality videos recorded on Skyblocky.
    • Must have a microphone.
    • Videos must be 5 or more minutes long.

    Application Denied.
    You may re-apply once you've met all the requirements.

    Thread locked.
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