Christmas Build Competition & Twitter Giveaway!

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    [​IMG] Hello! [​IMG]

    The Halloween Build Competition was a huge success, so we're back with the Christmas Build Competition!
    As was hinted at in the last announcement, this competition will last from:
    December 5th, 2017
    December 24, 2017 (5 PM EST)

    On a side note, there's currently a Christmas Twitter giveaway taking place!
    RT & Follow for a chance to win the exclusive CookieMonster rank!

    Theme & Server
    Holiday Themed!
    Your build may include candy, holiday themed objects, or snow!

    To enter, create a Holiday themed build on your Skyblock2 island. (/server Skyblock2)
    Remember to include a warp sign by your build so we can judge it!

    To Enter:
    Comment on this thread with your in-game-name so we can warp to your build. Make sure to also say whatever you're most excited for in the Holiday season!

    1. Builds must follow all server rules in terms of content.
    2. You may not use any modifications to build which are not explicitly allowed on the allowed & disallowed modifications list.
    3. All entered builds should be Holiday themed.
    4. You may not copy other’s builds.
    5. Entry deadline is: December 24th at 5 PM EST. Winners will be announced on December 25 (Christmas).
    6. The admin team and I will be the judges.

    Note: Prizes will be distributed to the forum account which comments. If a forum account which does not belong to you comments your in-game-name, message me or an admin in-game.

    1st: $75 Store Voucher

    2nd: $50 Store Voucher

    3rd: $25 Store Voucher

    ALL prize winners will receive an exclusive tag, [XmasBuilder17], and have their names displayed at a plaque at /spawn on Skyblock2.

    Note: If we have more than 50 entrants, prizes will be increased to include two more $10 store vouchers.
    Tell your friends about the competition so we can reach this goal!

    As always,
    Good Luck & Have Fun!

    - Evergreen
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  2. I will enter on my alts Island as my island is packed.,
    Ign: _Cuzimblaze
  3. Hey i’m TJeye and you can watch me at /is warp TJeye, what i’m excited for this holiday season is hanging with family. Sweet!
  4. They will be judged both with the Candy texture pack and with default so either way it'll be fair.
  5. So doing it!
  6. For the twitter giveaway, can you not enter if you are already a CookieMonster?
  7. Can cookiemonsters enter twitter giveaway
  8. Yes, same policies as the last Cookiemonster giveaway.
  9. I would do this but my building isn’t good so.. maybe I will do it maybe I won’t :) it is definitely worth a try
  10. Good luck with the builds. :p
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  11. (relisted entry)

    /is warp xoxoCole (use whenever to see progress)

    Please view with the server texture pack, and hunt for mini secrets!

    Good Luck Everyone!
  12. /is warp PolarWolfYT

    What I love is being with my family and watching them open presents (And me opening them :D).

    Good Luck Everyone! (For build, recommended night time)
  13. Im entering the christmas build comp
    My IGN is iPug8
    I have a warp! It is /is warp iPug8
    I hope everyone likes my build ^-^
  14. In Game Name is UnknownGamerx
    The island warp is : /is warp UnknownGamerx
    Excited for holidays : Is getting to spend it for the first time with my fiance, being with her family, all the gifts and amazing food :D
  15. In Game Name is Lorrees
    /is warp Lorrees

    I'm excited to just spend time with my family!
  16. In Game Name is Melinskie

    /is warp Melinskie

    I´m excited to watch christmas movies with my family and spend time with them!
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    Entering: LiI_Bear
    I love Santa xDDD
    My warp is /is warp LiI_Bear
  18. Winners will be announced soon!
    Merry Christmas!
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