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  1. Hello!

    To celebrate the (more than) successful release of Skyblock 2, we'll be giving away the CookieMonster rank to one lucky player! You can see all the perks of the rank here.

    How do I enter the giveaway?
    Comment your IGN and whether you like white, milk, or dark Chocolate best.

    What if I already have CookieMonster?
    If you win, you'll be given a $25 voucher instead.

    How are winners chosen, and when?
    Winners will be chosen on November 23, 2017.
    Winners will be randomly chosen out of all that enter. Entrants will be ordered and put in a random number generator.

    How will I receive the rank if I win?
    It'll be added to the account commented in-game.

    Best of luck to anyone who enters!

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  2. IGN: 666j666
    dark chocolate gang
  3. IGN: TeAm6_AZLIK
    CHOCOLATE: white <3
  4. GhostIsaacT

    Dark Chocolate, no reasons
  5. ign:InZn
    I prefer white chocolate they are awesome.
  6. All varieties of chocolate! XD
    If I was to choose... I would say milk chocolate is one of the best.

    My in game name is: LargeLad
  7. zDarkHero , Dark chocolate :D
  8. ign ExploringAutumn white chocolate
  9. My IGN is JumpingGhost_ and I like dark chocolate.
  10. my ign is Techkid49 and I like dark chocolate
  11. IGN: SS_Explosion
  12. IGN: oChamp
    dark chocolate all the way my guy
  13. IGN: Nats_Nav
    Favorite Chocolate: White Chocolate
    GL to everyone :)
  14. Ign: ObsidianSheep
    and we all know that dark chocolate is the best
  15. IGN: swolp and I love dark chocolate!
  16. ign: jt_spyro
    Milk chocolate (or the other ones)
  17. Ign: mightylordx
    Milk chocolate for me because dark is too bitter and white is too sweet.
  18. ign: Yiroh
    I prefer milk chocolate
  19. Ign:OldBeardedPro
    Dark chocolate <3
  20. IGN: SavageSiblings
    I like all Chocolate
    but if I had to choose one I would pick Milk Chocolate
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