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  1. In Game Name

    Previous IGN's
    SlitherySlasher, GalaxyStar123, _HawaiianFlower_, I_Wuv_Kitties, I_Wuv_Kitteh, X____Sans____X, Hidnu, iOpal, iJuice, iGraceful_Not, Oorbit, iOpal, i21Pil0ts, iLaazy, iLuvYu, iiTea, Naarwhal, iiiRubee, CandleLiqht, Cqndle_

    Your Age
    13, about to be 14 on July 7th.

    What is your Skype username, and your Discord username and tag?
    I do not have Skype, but my discord is Candle Wick#2207

    Time on the Server
    I played Skyblocky for over 2 years, usually on from 3:30pm to 10:00pm on weekdays, but on weekends I get online whenever I get the chance.

    Your Rank

    Your Time Zone
    West Coast

    How often are you online?

    I am online almost every day, because I really like skyblock servers, and I have a lot of friends and people in general on there with whom I like to play. Back in August of 2016, when the old Skyblocky server was here, with the mini Skyblock servers of Peaks, Rust, Desert, Frost, Tropics and etc., I was on there a lot because it was always so fun to meet people on there and help them out on how to start a new island of their own.

    Ever since the big updates of Skyblocky like the new servers of Serpent, Spider and the new server called Candy Craft, that were handed/bought from Sciatis to Serayne92, who is currently the owner, according to some players. Serayne92 started making new servers on Skyblocky a lot, which made things start to get a little out of hand for me. I had a break for about 2-3 months, but came back eventually. By the time I came back, Skyblocky is now a full server, which is really interesting and fun, because I can meet people on one server instead of transversing to other servers like hypixel and Candy Craft. Now I know Serayne92 is a very kind owner, and I thank him for giving us this server we have today. Skyblocky is now really enjoyable for me.

    Now, I will be on almost every day at times between 3:30pm to 10:00pm West Coast time on weekdays. On weekends, I will mostly be on, and I am absent only because I am busy with activities and vacations, with family and friends outside of my digital software. But, even if I was not staff, that does not stop me from being determined to help other people out when in need.

    What do you think being a Helper involves?

    Being a helper means to always lend a hand to players that need assistance from other people, and to ask and/or answer questions from players, and even for reporting unfair behavior of other players around them. A helper means to be kind, helpful,l resourceful and always here for players to make sure they have a better experience on the Skyblocky server.

    Helpers and staff in general (like Moderator, Lead Dev., and Owner) also involve being kind and courteous to others, and an example is not abusing the power and commands that a staff has, but by using them fairly so it would be fair for other players as well. For example, staff on certain servers use their power to abuse players, like griefing, killing, hacking, using commands to hurt players, creative and other sorts of things that can make players quit the server. On Skyblocky, I will always follow the rules, and treat others fairly like they are my own family. Sometimes I wonder why people would scam and do horrible things to other players, and I wish they would stop.

    Helpers also have to make sure that a warn or if a mute is appropriate, with the proof they need and the explanations players give, like a debate. Staff should respect people's decisions and opinions, and not treat them rudely because of what they say. For example, on Hypixel, there was this one player who kept arguing with a moderator. The moderator kept arguing back, giving threats of banning, kicking and muting. For future reference, I will never engage in a conflict, no matter what it is about. But I will try to solve it in a fair manner if necessary.

    What are your qualifications?

    I have been doing Skyblocky for over 2 years, and I have a lot of experience doing Skyblocky. Some of my skills include how to treat players right, making fair plans, getting better at showing people how to give commands and build things, and becoming better at what I can do to help players with certain things, because of my personal experience.

    However, I have been a lot more productive and social with other players since the servers went up. A lot more people started joining, and that made me more determined to help out new players who need help on the server. I really like to help out people because it feels good to get the credit afterwards from happy players. People, such as myself, have been on Skyblocky long before Serpent even came out. I have a lot of experience, skills, and memories on how to so certain things on Skyblock servers,
    like grinders, shops, designs, commands and just helping them throughout the experience so they can have memories of their own to teach other players and those players teach other players and on and on and on.

    I have been on a server where the staff did nothing to help out other people who were being abused, scammed, griefed, and just it comes on and on. I really wish I could do something, but I couldn’t because I was just a member. As my experience on that server, I will make sure to help out on Skyblocky when someone is in trouble and there is no staff online.

    As a staff, I will prove that I will always help out players who are in trouble, or just are stuck in a problem that needs to be solved.

    Additional Information
    I have not really been staff before(unless on a server that is not really known), but I do know all of the rules of Skyblock, and those memories I will use to help other people have a better experience as I did.
    As a staff, I will help other people with the rules of Skyblocky. As a staff, I am confident and determined to show I am capable of being a staff. As a staff, I can use my experience with the old Skyblocky with the new Skyblocky to let player shave a better experience than I did. Even though I am only 13 years old, I will show that I am capable of being a staff member for the Skyblocky we have today.
  2. Hi I'm giving you a -1 for the following reasons:
    • Your ontime is 59 hours, which doesn't match what your saying with your ontime (which was answered incorrectly, do /ontime next time)
    • You need Skype to be a staff member here.
    • You have many spelling and grammar errors in your application
    • You answered the time zone portion incorrectly, West Coast isn't a time zone.
    Good Luck none the less.
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  3. Hi Cqndle_! For the most part, I agree with Kat. A spelling error here and there, and a few missing commas, but from what I found you didn't commit any major felonies in the grammar department, so that's good.

    Mostly just repeating what Kat's saying here, but you do seem like a decent candidate. I'll save my rating later.

    Neutral for now, good luck!
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  4. Thanks for the comments! I do have grammar errors here and there, but thank you for the feedback!
  5. Hello, I’m going to point some things out on your application before fully rating it,

    Skype is required to be a staff member as per the requirements you’re supposed to read before applying.
    This is answered incorrectly, you have 2d12h50m online.
    This means you’ve been part of the server for only about six days, which doesn’t make much sense. This data must be incorrect.
    Why did you make it server(s) plural? As of right now Skyblocky only has one server which leads me to believe you may have copied this application from elsewhere.

    Other then that you aren’t active on the forums, as you just joined in late Marh and just recently started posting on things. Along with that, you have have a relatively low ontime for an applicant, compared to the more recent accepted applicants. I don’t feel you’re ready for the staff position right now.

    Good Luck.

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  6. Agreed, kind of suspicious with the application thing, I can't say if you copied it or not but it looks like it. I'm giving a -1 because I know for a fact I caught you spamming chat a bit ago myself. Although people are talking about your ontime, I'd have to disagree, considering I know a certain staff member who had around the same ontime as you, but they put in the work and proved themselves in-game. It's not impossible for you to get staff but I suggest proving yourself in-game.
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  7. Sorry dude but its a -1 from me today for some errors others have pointed out already. If you do get denied just reapply in 15 days. Anyways Good Luck!
  8. +10 bc she is the best
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  9. Sorry, but I will have to -1, for many of the reasons stated above:
    • Many grammatical errors
    • Some contradictory statements
    • As Tjeye said, it does look as if some of the information provided may have been copied from elsewhere, but I do not know
    • You are not very active on forums
    • I hardly ever see you in game, and when I do, I don't see you helping out in chat
    That is all! Aside from these things, I thought it was a firm application, and I think you would be a great candidate in the future! Good Luck!
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  10. I agree with what everyone above is saying, Skype is a required communication option for the staff. I appreciate that you applied and I can see you possibly being a potential staff member in the future maybe. So I'm deciding to stay neutral on this applications.

    Good luck!
  11. I looked everywhere within the web. This isn't a forgery of any other application just simple grammar errors. Goodluck further on your application.

    • I don't see you on often
    • You don't seem to be helping people out in chat.
    • Get a little more on time on the server and maybe re-consider applying.
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  12. Just /seen'd you, and it appears you haven't been online for over 7 days.

    Unless this changes soon, I'm going to have to change my rating to a -1, however, if you come back and regain activity I'd be more than happy to change my rating.

    Good luck with your application! :)
  13. i mean, they also haven't been on forums in a week so im guessing this is going to get denied very soon
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  14. Greetings.

    Your /seen and overall on-time isn't enough to be a staff member. Please become more active before reapplying.

    Application denied.
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