Festive Skin Competition! -- December 22nd @ 2pm PST

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    Happy Holidays!

    Winter break has officially begun for most of us; we're very proud to announce more upcoming events throughout the rest of the year, hopefully continuing on next year as well.

    To enter, you must be online by 2pm PST // 5pm EST - /is tp OGPanda_. We will try to fit everyone who wishes to participate, however, keep in mind that we may not be able to include everybody. First come, first serve.

    Come to the island showcasing your best festive skins, and the Administrators will rate each individual one based on creativity and originality.

    - You must respect the festive theme; Winter, Christmas, etc.
    - You may not enter with more than one account, you will be disqualified if caught doing so.
    - Remember to follow the Network Conduct at all times.

    1st place:
    100mil + Island signatures from the Admins;
    2nd place: 50mil;
    3rd place: 25mil;

    1st place:
    2nd place: arlenetran12
    3rd place: Diamondcreepah

    Thank you to everyone who participated!​
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  2. Does tans count as an admin because barbie wants their sig
  3. tans doesn’t count as an admin because shes purple not red and I’m banned anyway
  4. nice competition, hope I win ;)
  5. Good luck to everyone :)
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