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    This is an updated FAQ. The administration team will try to keep this updated.

    A common way to acquire money at the start is by farming crops. Some of the farms that you could make are Wheat, Sugarcane, Pumpkin, and Cocoa Bean. Another way of making money is by voting. You can find the voting links by typing /vote. Grinders would be the next step in getting rich. At the time of this thread, the spawners that you want to be using are Blaze, Villagers.

    Candycraft was an amazing server but in the end, we all must move on. We have changed to Skyblocky. You can find the release information here. We hope you will join us on a new adventure.

    You can make an appeal here. Please make sure to make it as detailed and honest as possible.

    You can find an example of this at /spawn

    Scamming is a bannable offense; message a staff member with video evidence or submit a report. Screenshots are NOT valid evidence. IRL scamming (scamming via. buycraft whilst doing an IRL deal) will result in a permanent ban, as will maliciously charging back.

    Message a staff member and tell them as much as possible about the bug (such as how to recreate the bug). Do not tell other players as we don't want them going around doing it.

    You can download the texture pack here:
    For full details on how to install the texture pack, read

    Island level is a measure of your island's level.
    You can increase island level by placing blocks (Emeralds are the best to place).

    To use the fly command (/fly), you need to purchase the VIP rank or higher, or you may also buy the command from /Shards.

    To get your in-Game rank on the Skyblocky forums, the first thing that you’ll have to do is sync your account. Do this by typing the command "/syncaccount" In-Game and clicking the link it gives you in chat. Make sure that you are logged into your Forums account.

    The first thing you will have to do is sync your In-Game and forums account (press the spoiler above for help) and after that, hover over your profile picture in the top right and click "External Accounts". Then, log in to your discord and you should have your rank.

    If you had a rank, then you can make a purchase help here, or message Evergreen on forums. For the most part though, ranks and cosmetics should have transferred over. If there is no record of you having your purchased items, please try and provide evidence otherwise no action will be taken.

    Yes, we have a Discord server. You can access it In-Game by doing /links, but I will also place one here for convenience.

    Shards are a new item in skyblocky there are shards and supershards. Shards can be earned by doing jobs and waiting for a payout /jobs to join a job they can be spent to upgrade spawners. Super Shards can only be gained from crates and you can spend them via /shards

    Island upgrade tokens are tokens that you can redeem so you can upgrade your island. To see what you can upgrade on your island do /is and go to the ‘Manage Island’. Click the golden ingot that is labelled as ‘Upgrade Island’. To redeem island upgrade tokens, right-click them and confirm it if you want to redeem that token for the island you have selected. You can get island upgrade tokens by doing quests/achievements or by buying them in /mobcoins.

    The Ranks can be found at you can click “View info” to get a list of all the command/Perks of each rank.

    To mine spawners, you need to be a donator rank (VIP or above). You do not need a silk touch pickaxe to mine the spawners, any pickaxe will do.

    The other staff members and I recommend Versions 1.8.9 and 1.12.2.

    Contact @Panda or @BrainCandy, We will try our best to keep this updated.

    Credit goes to the staff team for helping with this document you all ROCK!!!
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