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Discussion in 'Denied' started by GucciGorilla, Jul 9, 2018.

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  1. In Game Name

    Previous IGN's
    kooldan2468, GamerBoyPlayerXD

    Your Age

    What is your Skype username, and your Discord username and tag?
    Skype: Benjmamin Luf Discord: Gucci_Floppers#9544

    Time on the Server
    29 hours, would be way more if you include before reset.

    Your Rank

    Your Time Zone
    Eastern Time Zone UTC-05:00

    How often are you online?
    I am online for at least few hours a day, but although I can't play everyday. I am as active as I can both in game, and on forums.

    Sunday: 2-6 hours
    Monday: 2-6 hours
    Tuesday: 2-5 hours
    Wednesday: 3-7 hours
    Thursday: 3-5 hours
    Friday: 5-7 hours
    Saturday: 3-10 hours

    What do you think being a Helper involves?
    Communication Skills- meaning effectively communicating with other people even if you have to talk like you never did before, also includes following directions skills and you listening skills.

    Problem-Solving Skills- being able to solve any type of problem professionally, helpers have to always be motivated to take challenges even with no to minimal directions.

    Loyalty- helpers have to be able to trust other staff members to be able to work in professionally in a group or staff team.

    Responsibility- this goes to all staff ranks not even to helpers, but helpers have to be responsible after everything they do, or say. let's say a player is advertising, helpers have to be responsible to take actions, and if a helper muted or warned a wrong player, helpers or staff have to be responsible to do something about that.

    Respect- if a helper can't respect others players then that he/she should not even be staff. Helpers should/have to respect others no matter if a player is a Admin or a Member, and if you treat players with respect then they will respect you too.

    Being Helpful- this also applies to all staff, but helpers of course need to help players with any problems, and even questions they have. Helpers should be guides to players and guide them to success.

    Flexibility- you have to quickly react to environment changes and condition because staff need staff who can change gears and adapt to changes.

    What are your qualifications?
    • I have studied skyblocky's rules and I have memorized them all. I am familiar with the staff team and with all commands needed. although there are people who say they know everything, and when he/she gets accepted, that's the time they open rules first time, I'm not one of those people.
    • In the past I used to pvp a lot, and I have seen many hackers before and I still remember how it looks when a player is hacking/using unfair advantages.
    • I am not the most active, and not the least active on the server, but I try to be as active as possible on forums and in game. Some people would say they never see me online in game, but there is a reason for that, I am online in game but I am not talkative because I prefer to read chat then to chat.
    • I do not make things or say thing just to make players mad, although I don't have a great sense of humor I understand jokes, I also can spot a difference in a joke and a threat, and I have seen a play make a threat in a camouflage of a joke.

    Additional Information
    I am quite active and I sometimes do help out in chat, but not very often. Some of you guys might say that you never see me in game but that is not true, I am active but I almost never chat but I do read everything in chat. I would love to be part of the staff team so that I can be as helpful as I can to the team.
  2. -2
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  3. If I get the lowest hours from above it adds up to 20 hrs. You said your whole /ontime is 29 hrs for this reset. Does that mean that you've been playing for a week and a bit?
  4. not exact, I am rounding up, but not everyday is the same
  5. I see. Well good luck with your app. Gonna stay neutral
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  6. thank you sm on rating, and for reading this <3
  7. I am going to stay neutral for the following reasons:

    • You seem to understand what being a helper means which is a good thing
    • Your application is semi-detailed but could be a little bit more detailed in my opinion
    • I have seen you in-game before and you are a very nice person
    • Your history in-game is clean which proves that you do understand the rules
    As you stated in this about not being active in chat, I would suggest that you might want to start talking a lot more in chat and helping/welcoming others.

    I am willing to change my rating later on but for now like I said I will be staying neutral. Good luck!
  8. @GucciGorilla If you're going to be petty about my rating by giving me a negative rating that does not apply to my comment then you're not fit for staff. Another portion of my rating is the fact you're never active in chat as you admit, you're not active in chat which brings yet another point as you say
    if you're communicating with players you need to speak in chat. From just this portion from your application it looks like you made no effort to revise your application.

    Another point is you mention respect and communication.
    If you cannot communicate to me or possibly ask why I left that rating on your application that gives me a feeling if you screw up with a punishment you just ignore your mistakes and not own up to them, not respond to players in chat, and not keep up with any of the staff chats. Respecting others is another big thing, in my opinion, I do not believe you are fit for a staff rank. From my rating you clearly did not respect my opinion and instead of handling my rating like someone mature you were petty and gave me a negative rating. Furthermore I still keeping my rating at -2.

    I wish you good luck with your application.
  9. Hi! I'm going to give you a neutral for the following reasons:

    • You have a good concept of what a helper is.
    • I do see you on often.
    • You have a detailed application.
    • Even though your application is detailed I would have liked to see a bit more detail in expanding your details.
    • Even though I see you on often I would definitely recommend trying to talk more in chat to learn the community.
    Most of these I have said have already been said from others but I wanted to give out my opinion as well.

    I wish you the best of luck :D
  10. I placed old rating because you gave a -2 without saying for what and I see those kind everyday.
  11. I think you're missing the point, next time communicate to get my reasoning a simple "Could you please explain your rating and give me some things to improve on next time?" That would have shown a lot in you and old does not apply to that as it was a very recent post.
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  12. -1 for reasons of smrglfur
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  13. if it's for not talking in chat, then that's fixed since yesterday
  14. Going to stay neutral for the reasons stated above! Goodluck on your application

  15. ... so talking in chat one day makes up for it? In my opinion, no.
  16. It doesn't make up for it but he's trying and I can see that.
  17. lol, means I started talking more in general, what do you not understand from my words, not one day, but everyday from that day.
    Try to understand comments please, thank you
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  18. I kind of find this rude. And I understand what you are going for, but you said that you being inactive was "fixed" but that is more of a thing for over time, not over a day. But yeah, this is kind of a rude comment, at least I took it that way. You seem to be generally not great at taking criticism from what I see after these few posts. Also, when you gave smrglfur a negative rating for legit no reason, I thought that was sort of uncalled for. Also, you schedule matches your ontime in no way whatsoever, and you say it isn't exact, but I mean like. That is a great difference between supposed ontime and actual ontime. I hold nothing against you, but still a -1
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  19. There was a reason, and I said it
  20. COuld have more detail, but I see you in game a lot so +0
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